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West Valley Corrections

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Okay boy's remember I was supposed to go to jail and I was thinking 6 months to a year-Well here's my story--Hopped on a plane flew a thousand miles to So Cal, walked 27 miles from Ontario airport to Fontana court house--since I didnt get in to see the judge because it was too late--I got a room supposedly by the court house so that I could get there first thing in the morning--but it was another 3 miles to the courthouse. I walked the last 3 miles of my journey to the courthouse, and also bought me a pack of cigs which ended up costing me close to $7--ridiculous, thank God I don't live there I would stop! Well after walking those 3 miles I was so hot that you could actually see the steam coming off me--just before I walked into the courthouse I seen a blue 620 in the parking lot, the closest car to the door. So I sat down next to it to smoke a cig just to admire the 620, thinking that this is going to be the last Datsun that i would see in about a year. So I go into the court and get to go see a judge they gave me 6 days on one charge, 6 days on another, 30 on another, and another 30 days for the other charge with 2 days served. So after they take me from the court house to the jail I was in booking and the sheriff sits me down and tells me that for all my violations that I had to do 18 days, I think the 620 God's were looking out for me. But they put me in a holding room before you dress down and there was a guy in there making phone calls trying to get someone to pick up his truck, then I asked him what kind of truck do you have he said a datsun truck, I said the blue one with the red interior he said yeah! So I told him about Ratsun and told him to check it out. So I hope that he finds this post and to tell everyone that I am back and have lost approx 20 pounds,and felling better than I did before. Thanks for all your support to all my Ratsun buddies! See you boy's at Canby!!!!!

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i grew up in fontana. lol. long journey. what got you time out in my neck of the woods or ghetto. hahaha.


i used to live in highland for about 3 years colton for 3 redlands for 3 fontana for 5 i spent a lot of time cruising highland hanging out at carl's jr in front of the bowling ally good times oh ya 12 years in corona when i was a kid

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