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advice on a l20 swap

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Well my l16 is done and found a l20b long block at a local junkyard. i know i need to keep my oil pan but does everything bolt right up from my l16 Starter, alternator, and all brackets and what not. this will be my first swap in a datsun and would love some advice.


yes L16,L18 and L20 are the same you can swap the with no problem if you need any help let me know

also if you need front or back brake conversion center link mod or a new aluminum cross member i make them let me know

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The clutch is very important on these swaps. esp after you install it and find out you got the WRONG set up in there.

the 521gatherer lives in Tacamo he may help you.

I seen to many people do these swaps. Yes its EZ. but L20 heads maybe be different as soem could be round exhaust port. Youll swap oil pan and pick up, use the 521 motor mounts also. If you have a weber with a tall carb adapter and or Tall aircleaner it will hit the hood.


L20s had 2 flywheels. Bothe are 6 bolts but Cars had a 200mm and trucks a 225mm and both use different T/O bearing and sleeves and are not interchangeble as the lengths are differnt.

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'78 and up L20Bs use the round port head... it will work with the square L16 exhaust manifold. The L20B head sits 3/4" higher so the exhaust down pipe will also sit that much higher. I swapped an L20B into a 521 and it fit just fine. This as back in '77? and I had no problem with the clutch/flywheel because the motor was out of a car!!! Just plain lucky.

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