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In case you have a playstation account...

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Watch your credit card statements...because it looks like the hackers that brought the Sony Playstation network down do have the credit card information and are attempting to sell it...if you had an account with Playstation network with an active credit card on file, it may be time to suspend the card until this matter is resolved.


NOTE: Sony Online Entertainment is on a separate network, and the only network compromised was the PS network, so if you play Everquest or another Sony computer game, you are safe.

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In regards to why it was brought down, I have yet to hear a confirmed report as to the guilty party, when the network first came down there were many different groups being blamed or claiming responsibility.


I know that most PS Network users are likely aware of the problem, what they may not be aware of is that the level of danger from this went from loosing game time and possibly having some personal information(like your email address) being sold to spammers, to Sony admitting the credit card info is compromised.


For the last several days, Sony would not confirm how bad the breach was, but now we know how bad it is, so I wanted to make sure anyone who may not have checked on the situation recently knew that their credit card info has been compromised.

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The big issue is not so much the credit cards, Sony claims the numbers were all encrypted. The issue lies in the personal data they took. With the personal information they took, they theoretically could use it to gain access to your other personal accounts online because they have a lot of the same information people use on all their accounts like birthdate, secret questions, etc.


First step would be to change your personal information in the e-mail account you used for PSN. Next would be to disassociate all the other accounts you have with similar information and populate with new information such as your secret questions. This will make it more difficult for them to gain access. Next is to monitor, monitor and then monitor.


There are currently two class action lawsuits already pending because of this breach, so be prepared to fill out information cards to the registered address on file.


And finally, F*** I'm going through Battlefield Bad Company withdrawals and can't play the Mortal Kombat online....F***ers! Been playing story mode...


PSN name: xX-3MTA3-Xx

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Sony Online Entertainment was brought down as well, so if you play any of Sony's online games, they have all of that information as well now too.


Kind of sad that these people are causing collateral damage to people in order to get back at Sony. I guess if you have any sensitive information associated with your station or playstation accounts, it may be time to at least change passwords and monitor your credit card statements.

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I doubt the reason you have a 360 is because hackers brought down the PS Network. Its more likely because you aren't cool enough. :P


Thanks Spades for the info.

I ment that as 360 doesn't have thoes problems. I had a ps3 b4 I bought a 360 and I'm much more satisfied. Only thing i miss were the exclusive game titles xbox doesn't have : (

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