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Oil pressure after rebuild

'70 521 L16

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So I've swapped a freshly rebuilt

L20b into the 521, but with everything in place I'm a little hesitant to do anything until I get adequate oil pressure. I've tried turning it on the starter a little bit and I am getting oil in the line (aftermarket mech. gauge) but I thought it would be a little faster to build up and I'm just wondering if there's a less nerve-racking way to go about this considering everything that's at stake. Everythings assembled and tight (pump works fine... Confirmed visually). I've heard there are differences between l16 and l20b dist spindles but I have two that look the same?? They're both 9".

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If you used assembly lube and pored oil over the valve train, filled the oil filter and the oil pump before installing you're good to go... fire away. The factory didn't do more than this.


Contact HRH he installed the oil pump without the spindle and dizzy and used a long screwdriver down the dizzy hole and turned it with and electric drill to build pressure. I did a similar thing with a spindle without the gear on it and used a drill to turn it. Works quite well.

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