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  1. '70 521 L16

    bearing questions

    It is coolant. See first post. No water in the oil. This is the first hint I got that something might be awry. What up with that?
  2. '70 521 L16

    bearing questions

    The noise started before the oil problems. I wouldn't have driven it after that had the noise been constant, but it went away. The light didn't come on until I left work, 4ish miles after the noise started. I filled it to the full mark in the parking lot. Just happened to have my 5 qt jug in anticipation of the oil change. I used a little over 2 qts if I recall correctly.
  3. '70 521 L16

    bearing questions

    There was oil in it when I got home. I drained out plenty of normal looking used oil, with no shavings... nothing unusual. I'm wondering if something is blocking the oil before the pressure sender and keeping it from falling back into the pan or something. It's strange that the problem would show up after months of daily driving though, with no warning. Is it not? I wasn't seeing any problems with oil pressure until this noise started up out of nowhere. Maybe things weren't torqued down properly? I'll take the rod caps off and take a look and a few more pictures when I get a chance. What exactly should I be looking for aside from obvious score marks? Does anyone have that oil flow sequence diagram handy?
  4. '70 521 L16

    bearing questions

    Nope. Temp seemed fine.
  5. '70 521 L16

    bearing questions

  6. '70 521 L16

    bearing questions

    So it was almost time for an oil change last week when the truck started making a weird noise. I drove it to school (probably about 20 miles round trip) that morning, and when I got in about 3 hours later to go to work it made this scraping scratching noise upon startup. My initial thought was the new alternator I'd put in a few days earlier, or maybe the water pump that was on the list of things to do... but before I could find the noise, it stopped. It came back a few times on the 4 mile drive to work, but always went away after a few seconds. Then when I was leaving work, it started again on the way out of the parking lot. It didn't go away, and I pulled over when the oil light came on less than a mile later and shut it off. Checked the oil and found nothing on the dipstick. This is odd because I've checked pretty often over the past few months that this thing has been my daily driver. I filled it up and babied it home. It made the noise the whole way back, and the tach seemed to flutter around 2k, but as long as I was careful, I could keep the light off. I checked the oil while it was still running, and once again, there was nothing on the dipstick, thought there was still oil in it. There it has sat until today when I tore into it. Since it was time for an oil change any way, I went ahead and dropped the pan (and the rest of the junk that was in the way.) I'm hoping it's not a spun bearing, but I'm a little bit lost on low end stuff. I bought this block from a guy who had put a freshened crank and .40 over pistons in for his truck until he decided to put a z in it. Now that I'm looking at it though, things don't seem quite right... u60 crankshaft? This is right behind the front end cap thing. On the first counterweight? Looks like a funny machining mark of some kind. Is this normal? Its tough to get a good angle under there in the dark, but the end cap as well as the bearing cap are labeled "2". Maaaaybe that's not a big deal? But then, the second one is labeled 1... ...The third bearing cap is labeled "7"... ...and number 4 is labeled "2". Also, I can wiggle all of the rod ends maybe 2 mm back and forth in place. I turned it over with a big wrench on the pulley and watched everything and I dont hear any unusual noises. There's this hissing that's always been there, but nothing out of the ordinary. I did notice coolant leaking down from 2 and 3, which got me a bit worried, but I've never seen any water in the oil before...? Why would that happen? Am I even right in suspecting something low end? Does this seem reasonable? Would you like fries with that?
  7. '70 521 L16

    521 parts / el dizzy

  8. '70 521 L16

    521 parts / el dizzy

    First of all, I'm in Memphis. I need someone willing to ship. It's tax time. I haven't spent any money on my truck in a while. Here's what I'm looking for. -driver's side fender -glovebox liner -window crank x1 -steering wheel bezel (covers the turn signals... is it a bezel?) -door panels -manual choke cable -a 520 solid dash would be nice -so would an l series el dizzy -maybe some stock taillights? Let me know via pm (I get email notification on my phone) or text 9o12388o77 if you have anything and I'll probably message you back pretty fast. Preferable price range is 0-3 paperclips via paypal. Thanks.
  9. '70 521 L16

    521 headlight switch

    does anyone have a spare? the contact plate inside mine broke so it's kind of scratchy and not very reliable.
  10. '70 521 L16

    521 a/c questions

    its worth it to me. the truck is just a get around kind of thing. i dont mind losing a little power if it means an escape from this heat, and if i dont like it i can take it back off. i think the under dash vent units look really nice too. so does anyone have any actual info? im just wondering how the factory option ones were installed.
  11. '70 521 L16

    521 a/c questions

    I finally got my truck running! The next thing I want to take on is getting some cold air blowing inside since it's been 100+ all week. I already have most of the parts I'll need, but I can't figure out how I should mount the condenser. I'd really like to avoid chopping up the stuff between the grill and radiator, but I don't see how else it could be done. Does anyone have oics? Ideas?
  12. '70 521 L16

    Sunkist 521 ka24e

    i'm looking forward to lots of oics of this ka going in! have fun with it.
  13. hey where in florida are you? ill be down that way around the second and would love to pick this up.
  14. '70 521 L16

    Might be trading my rx7 for a 521. advice?

    depends... how badly do you need the cash vs. how giddy will you be to have a super clean truck? do eet.

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