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brake light issue...advice?

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my 81 720 brake lights are not working.i replaced the fuses.and stop lamp fuse..and nothing.my bulb was blown.so i replaced it..still nothing..i checked the wires.and cant notice anything..although previous owner mudded the shit out of this rig..so may it be the wire grounded off somewere?.im not good at electrical..i wish i knew someone to pay to fix this problem lol..im stumped..please any advice?

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If the running, marker and license lights work then so does the ground.


Find the round connector on the right rear that connects the rear light harness to the main truck harness and unplug several times to clean the contacts. You really need a test light because electricity is invisible. A quick check will tell you is power is even getting back there. The brake wire is the Yellow/Red stripe on the lamp harness and Yellow/Blue stripe on the main truck harness. There is a 10 pin connector under the pass seat... do the same thing to clean the contacts. The wire could be rotten or stone dammaged between here and the tail lights. Did I mention a test light??? :) Only $5.

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nice thanks..all check that out tommorow.i messed with a plug in on the drivers side by the tail lights.and made sure the conection was clean.it was a lil dirty but not bad.all have to get a test light tommorow..and start testing everything..hope i can get it resolved..its realy starting to irritate me.i thought forsure it was gona be the stop lamp fuse<_<

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