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    1982 datsun p720 pick up king cab
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    tire disposal
  1. johny F

    81 and 82 720 parts

    i want the tranny.
  2. johny F

    81 and 82 720 parts

    500 for the tranny?
  3. johny F

    WA State Rear Bumper Laws??

    thats strange.i wonder if oregon has a rear bumper law.i stripped mine off my 720.. take it to court ur ticket will get dropped..i think alot of cops write dumb tickets so people will take them to court..there wage is time and a half on "overtime". some cops are just as crooked as the criminals man.. good luck!
  4. johny F

    Granade Shift knobs

    there 30$ now?at the beginning of the thread it says 20$..i live in the portland area and would be able to pick up..can u do 25 on a pineapple?
  5. johny F

    Happy end of the world!

    if not beer there will be wine!!!!!!!!!:)
  6. johny F

    Happy end of the world!

    ok..first of all..jesus says no man knows the day or hour!2nd he takes people up on a instant just before tribulationwhich means a huge global war of total destruction,before that war almost destroys all of man kind!..clearly that is not present at this time...mathew chapter 24 will give u all a better understanding..
  7. johny F

    drinking at events

    yep..thats what i do:)always works!
  8. johny F

    1981 720 king cab (on a budget!)

    ya i am!.there a solid engine..just with a gunked up carb.and stock.its not the fastest.but its got some potential:)..u put alot of money into urs.someday mine will be up there with u..if u dont mind can i get a link to your build thread?if you made one?
  9. johny F

    1981 720 king cab (on a budget!)

    thanks man.they were actualy found in a field.im gonna get some nicer ones soon.i work at a tire shop..so im just waiting for the right ones to come along:)
  10. finnaly making my build thread..not to much pics(yet)this week or so i will be doing alot more to my truck .i have it posted up at my place of work so i can work on it with all the tools i need.. i bought it in bad shape.barely running..stock z22 slow as rolling turd with a hacked exaust..total price of this truck was 450..has 162k original miles..4 owners.. i have great plans for this truck.. a honda tech told me he wouldnt pay a dime for my truck today.simply due to the rust on my bed and drivers side door..last time i checked.those are both dismountable and replaceable lol.its a 81.what do you expect?...this truck is going to turn heads(the good way)when im done with it.it may take me a year..or earlier?..i bought this datsun to be a daily.but also to restoret in honor of my grandmother that has recently passed away.i know she would be very happy to see me working on this truck..so i take much love into this datsun that has tooken my mind off the unfair things life seems to throw at you..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.im a 18 year old working in tire disposal inc.so it may take me awhile to get money for the big parts.but were there is a will,there is a way! so far i have replaced the fuses tail lights.etc new tires and wheels rattle can paint job replaced the valve cover gasket and painted the valve cover replaced all 8 spark plugs. new air filter went to town on interior cleaning 2 inch glass pack exaust stripped the rear bumper off. oil change porche battery sound system that is alright. and thats all i can think off right now. FUTURE MODS lowering it new rims and tires. weber carb 32/36 bed liner new truck bed..(or fixing the rust spots) re painting the whole truck military green the correct way and one day a engine swap to which i have not decided yet i cant make up my mind. a new sound system worth as much as my truck(coming in a week or so) day of purchase more pics will be posted as mods are accomplished. update pic #1
  11. johny F


    think a royal ass wooping is deserved....
  12. johny F

    Wife says "You're on Car Restriction!"

    oh shit ur not close to home..nevermind
  13. johny F

    Wife says "You're on Car Restriction!"

    get her in the mood..and back out..if u know what i mean;)..bribe her with the new datsun! in exchange of finishing what u started! thats what i would do..:cool:
  14. johny F

    1981 720 King Cab

    5000????i bought my non diesel 81 king cab with just 20k more miles then urs for 450$:lol:...
  15. johny F

    my butt has lice

    this should help:) lolz http://hubpages.com/hub/ItchyAss

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