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Crankcase oil baffle


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Sealik and I were discussing the problem of the crankcase mesh in the L series. If you've ever yanked one out of the block after removing the two phillips screws and plate, you'll find the rectangular shaped mesh behind it. The problem you run into is after a while, the wire that holds that shit together starts to break off. Inevitably the parts go into the oil pan. They're usually too big and heavy to get picked up by the sump, but still, not the greatest.


Has anyone replaced that element with anything else and had success? I was debating using some metal lattice and folding it up. I also thought about stripping the wire off the old unit, cleaning really well, and redoing with welding wire and a few quick hits with the welder.


Haven't tried to get them from Nissan yet, I think that would be a loosing bet, but you never know.

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I think my engine has a metal window screen bunched up like an accordion in there...



I think that's what they're supposed to look like. Out of my two blocks, one was big mess of wadded up lookin' wire, and the other was an accordion of wire mesh, with a wire wrapped around it, which was then brazed together. I soaked the good one in gas to clean it and was amazed at how much crap just kept coming out of it.


The wire baffle is held up in its hole pretty good by the plate. So I would remove anything that's loose and gonna fall off, shove it back up in the hole, and put the plate back on.

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I installed the original filter back in my block after trimming some wires that were sticking out on the fringes.

Was in good shape....but when I pulled it back out to confirm that was the best position for it, a wire fling off and landed in the bottom of the piston.



Not good....should fall to the bottom of the pan after assembly/running...but it's not always a direct path.

The crank and 1 connecting rod could misdirect its travel.

My pan won't be going on for a while, so, will be looking for a replacement.

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You know, I started looking at mine again, and it was only broken at the top, but the wire still hung over. I clipped off the errant strands and said f it. Crammed it back in the hole and put the plate over it. Nothing's coming out of there. But for a more severely damaged one, it would be a good idea to figure out another method.

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