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720 Brake hose Question.


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So i need new brake hoses for the front of my truck. I have been looking everywhere and found the cheapest on rockauto. How well do do thy fellow ratsun'ers know rockauto. And now the maor question is there seems to be three lines. Two outer lines and one inner. Where in the world does the inner one go/stop?

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Rock auto is as good as any I guess. If you have two brake lines exactly the same and one is cheaper, by all means get the cheaper one. Now if you substitute the word parachute for brake line do you see how your first two sentences sound? Cost should not be the deciding factor with brake parts. Try for the best quality you can afford. (sorry just saying)


There should be a flex line from each wheel to the body, that's two. I'm looking at a diagram and I don't see another on the front brakes. There is one for the brake line going back to the rear brakes. It is a flex line from the cab to the frame.

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There are 5 flex/rubber hoses total for a 720 datsun/nissan, the two front ones to the calipers, a short one from the cab to the frame mount rear brake line, I suppose this one is for vibration purposes, the long one to the rear axle, and the clutch slave cyl. line. There might be another short one having something to do with the right front and that brass block that somehow ties the rear proportioning valve into the front brakes, I don't recall what that system looks like, cause I pull it out and replace it with the 85? system if it is on one of my trucks. wayno

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I thought I'd add to this thread as I'm replacing the front hoses on a '85 720 4WD chassis. Mainly the hoses that go from chassis to caliper, but I might as well do the whole thing at some point.


I'm a bit stumped here as this thread (great infomation, btw) shows that the L/R sides of this hose are different.

link to 720 front brake hose replacement


But my local stores list 1 hose that is supposed to work with the L or R side. For example, this Dorman part: H38526


Rock Auto seems to have the same thing. I ordered the ones from my local Pep Boys, since I can return them if they don't work out. Just wondering if anyone else has used this supposedly "one hose fits both" because from the pics on that thread, it's clear the L and R sides are different.



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