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Rocker repair idea


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I am cutting up a ROTTEN 510. This one is beyond repair.




I have had an idea bouncing around in my head to use 2"x3" mild steel tubing to replace / repair my rockers. I mocked it up in the ROTTEN 510 rocker using 2"x3" tubing and 1" strap. What do you think?























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I think its cool and cheap. You only need one large piece and then you can cut it in half and use it for both sides.



If you were very creative you could run your exhaust through it! :huh:

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If you were very creative you could run your exhaust through it! :huh:



I never though about it. I do remember a guy on here running his torsion bars inside a frame. But my imagination dies when I have no money... I hate dreaming when I cant build. :(

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Dig it bob. My only question would be how to resolve it when it meets up with the fenders?



I was thinking I would just hand form something that looks good. Kinda like the entire MX520 project! :P

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Tyson @ Big Time Motors in BC makes rockers, 604-710-5192


This dude is quite the bodyman, top notch work. Built his own Bluebird Coupe out of a 2 door. Cut the roof and reworked the quarter windows so they look just like the JDM originals.


There is a thread on the510realm.com about the rockers with pics. The rockers are 60” long made of 18ga. steel, $275/pr. I purchased a set to re-build my 510 racecar for vintage racing. They are well done. I can’t wait to get going on the project and get them installed.


Link: 510 Rockers

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I vote against it. I have seen pictures of a few ice racing 510's from the great white north that have had similar rocker repairs. To me it looks kinda...weird. Like there is something wrong with the rockers but you can't tell what. It would be tough to blend them into the fender as well. Bending up some replacement rockers really isn't that hard (or you can have it done for you) and it looks better in my opinion.


To each their own though!

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