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1983 Mustang GT TURBO!

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Alright here we go...


This is a project my friend has had for a few years. It's an old '83 Mustang. Heres the catch: It's a GT. No JUST a GT but a GT turbo with a 2.3L L4 and a blow through turbo setup.


The thing is, in '83 only 604 of these cars were ever produced, and actually sold for 3000 more then the 5.0L.


This car has been sitting for about 11 years. It has a new battery and turns over fine which is good. It doesn't run. It's got fords EEC-IV EFI system with a blow through turbo. Forged aluminum pistons, alloy valves, and lightweight flywheel.


Since he's a total car noob and doesn't actually know much as far as troubleshooting, me and him are going to work on it. It's basically going to get a somewhat complex restoration. The plan is to get it running ASAP however, it will be getting much more then that eventually. It's going to be a very slow build since it's winter and it's a busy one at that.


Progress will be slow but sure. My old school love is screaming at me to make this one a good one. :goodjob: Enjoy the photos.












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Wow... So no SVO? So no irs or 5 lug? Lame but cool.

My 210 has none of those. is it lame?


sick motors but not pretty cars. thought of putting one of these in a 510 or 620 but who knows tell your friend congrats on the score


Yesh, they are rather ugly, but still very un-common cars, therefor I will help with this bad boy!

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Looks exactly like a 1983 5.0 GT, except for the blackout hood paint and the hood scoop.


I would add plexi headlight covers, paint the hood solid color. I like the white. Some came with twin stripes if you like that kind of thing. Those tires are great performers, in rain or dry -- but I don't think you can buy new ones. They are the metric size with a 390mm diameter rim (Michelin TRX 390).


The turbo GT was slower than the 5.0, but was kind of cool. The SVO was slower too, but had the better suspension.

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