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I got a speeding ticket.

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Well I almost always drive slow around town, if you saw my truck you'd see why. I try to obey the rules, I'm going slow so I've got lots of time to do anyway and my truck is distinctive All the cops have seen me driving around town for years and pay no notice. Late last summer I came into town and slowed for the speed limit change but not nearly fast enough but it didn't matter because the other guy beside me was faster. (they are always faster) Anyway there's a speed trap, and the cops jump out and signal the guy over. Meanwhile I'm slowing like crazy and guilty as hell too, and the other cop just twists around at the waist and leans forward and just glares at me as I glide by.


I like to think I got a pass for good behavior.


dave said:

And I watched your video and didn't think you looked like a ...uh..Latino.


Hainz is a Big Kahuna with a 5 D cell baton and every cops worst nightmare. That's why they sent three cops over a turn signal.

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Im was just saying what he was thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have LONG Hair now and if I dont shave I look pretty rough.

If Ishave I hear I can look like Gene Simmons(I dont think thats a good thing really). I was thinking more Keanu Reeves


I can talk about comming back to the States thru airport Customs but thats another LONG and painful process that I go thru.


While in Hawaii ,Im not Hawaiian ehough!

But New Zealand I blend in enough with the Half breed Maoris to get by.


Doesnt matter now Im trying to get over it, But I still have that single lifestyle(Bar-hoping) and I GOT to WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!


But having a old car/truck(datsun) doesnt help either

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Guest 510kamikazifreak
Cops(the police) are not your friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got a ticket for no brakes lights!!!!!


What the kicker is I was going in the other direction and the Cop was in a turn lane.I notice he EYEBALLED me, He must have PROFILED me with the long hair and old truck BANKING I would have no LIcense or Insurance.I said, that Mother Fucker is going to turn around. He did when the Light turned Green in the turn lane


Well The Light turned green He was a couple car behine and I pilled in to the 7-11 an pretend I didnt see him

He cam out yelling get back in the car and see you Linsence and Proff if insurance. He would of let me go But at the End I said How in the Fuck you seen My Brake light was out when I was going in the other direction with traffic unless you PROFILED me

He took my lisence back and wrote a no turn signal ticket (It was out)


Cops are not your friends.

i been pulled over about 55 times since comming out of the Airforce and had 3 incedents with the Cops so far this yr and it not even May.


Hainz man your a rebel,

Thats right cops are not your friends,I had a friend(former 510 guy) he became a cop,and well they tend to brainwash them,into there world

I was very good friends with this guy for a long time ,he moved away ,became a cop,we hooked up for drinks one night a couple years ago

that was ok but no need to talk to him again(nothing in common)

I had more than my share of run ins with them(car related) over the years

many speeding tickets(lost liscene twice)

and way too many fines :eek:

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Hey buddy,get all the facts before you spout off!




Told you my opinion was harsh...

I was just saying what I thought from your post...

"33 in a school zone"..."while at work I drive tractor/trailer"

hmmm, that says enough for me...

I've lived where the speed went from 50 down to 15 with little warning for a school zone...(Vegas)

If you didn't want people to know You Fucked up, you shouldn't have said a thing...

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If it's not really a school zone then I suggest you use that as your defense, but be advised you'd probably find out there IS a school there. School zones extend a couple blocks away from schools, though here the school zones only take effect when children are present BUT they have a 20MPH limit. If you truly believe the signage is insufficient, you can use that as a defense. But be prepared to back up those claims with evidence.


I wouldn't be so hard on 71-521; your initial post had none of the info like that, and Paul's told me before about that incident he mentioned- that'd shake anyone up.


I know all about Police harassment. I have gotten a total of ONE written warning and ZERO moving violations in my entire life. The only tickets I've ever gotten were parking tickets. The one written warning was in 1995 back when the speed limits were 55. It was an early sunny Sunday morning on Hwy 16, and I was headed down a hill in the "Blue Beater" and plain wasn't paying attention to the speedometer. By the time I saw the cop in the bushes I saw the speedo drop below 70- oops. I'm sure having the blue car with a burgundy door and primer spots didn't help, but I still got away with a written warning that simply said "Speed". No numbers.


I've been pulled over several times since. Once for having a "Camoflaged License Plate". Uh, yeah, right- playe was mounted in the stock plate mount, lit by the FUNCTIONAL license plate light, with NO cover- not even a frame. Perfectly visable. I figure he thought he had a easy no reg/no insurance ticket- the truck was my old F250 with the slide-in cabover camper that looked like hell. Problem was he was half right- the truck had been in storage for several years and while the tabs were current I hadn't insured it. I was simply moving it from storage to my house. The cop did believe that story, so let me off with a verbal warning. That was one of the things that prompted me to get broadform insurance vs normal individual auto liability policies.


I also got pulled over and got a verbal warning for no front plate- I had it in the window. My old Citation was missing the front license plate frame, which mounted to the BOTTOM of the bumper on those so you couldn't just attach the plate to the bumper without drilling more holes or finding a new holder. I was out junkyard hopping trying to find one when I got pulled over. Ugh. He made me zip-tie the plate to the grille, which is where it was when I sold the car.


The last 2 times were more annoying- because i hadn't done a damn thing wrong. One I got pulled over for expired tabs, even though I had a current, properly filled out trip permit. They inspected the permit, ran my license, and let me go thanking me for having the permit filled out properly.


The last one I was pulled over for throwing a lit cigarette out the window. Problem is, I don't smoke- never have taken a puff in my life. Not once. This cop went into quite a lecture, whereas I invited him to smell my breath (I'd had garlic pizza that night!). Realizing he wasn't gonna be able to prove his first accusation, the cop then told me I needed to fix whatever was sparking on my truck. When you're wrong, make up a story to fit the accusation I guess. I think he thought I was one of those metal thieves down in the valley stealing from the industrial sites in my ratty, rusty King Cab. Whatever.



But, to be fair I have had good experiences with some cops. The troopers who assisted when I got punted into the jersey barrier on 405 were very helpful and I was really never accused of causing the wreck. Helped having lots of witnesses (the woman that hit me plowed through several other cars in the process, I was just the first and took the hardest hit).


On the flip side when I got T-boned (my first wreck) the cops did NOT believe my side of the story- 16 year old kids always lose I guess. Even though my Mom was in the car with me. Well, I didn't get cited- the cops declared "Undetermineable fault" since my story conflicted the other woman's story. Trust me, she had the red.

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Cops suck plain and simple...


I used to get 'profiled' all the time...(small town), was once told I was pulled over cause the cop 'didnt like the way I looked'...


They will find any reason they want to pull you over if they think you need to be pulled over...it's your word against theirs. Lawyers are expensive but they are there for a reason ;)

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C'mon guys let's shake hands now before we go any further. This is a touchy subject about auto related accidents and we naturally feel thwarted when someone is at fault, and isn't held accountable. I've seen things in my time too, and when I see poor, sloppy driving habits and unsafe behavior I get upset. Hell, I get mad even. I guess that's human, but carrying things too far, although human also, is not right. We're all friends here aren't we?


Let's agree to disagree and try to move on.


Just my thoughts,


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Help me here then guys....

I drive tractor/trailer....

bottom line is 33 in a school zone...


If I had wanted your pathetic opinion I would have asked for it.

You did ask for it...

It may not have been what you wanted to hear...



that makes you sound like a little kid throwing a tantrum...

you sure you're 53?


enough said...

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Dude....chill out.


Here is a post of YOURS from NWDE "lets all try to speak English here...

if you want to go and start an eubonics speaking forum, go right ahead!"


And now the shit you are spewing here?!...I see a pattern starting to develop.


What is Eubonics? Are you some sort of RACIST? Or do you just follow me around these boards and post ridiculous comments. GET A LIFE!

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