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OMFG people can *not* drive

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I just got my bike and have barely put 30 miles on it yet and I've already about had an accident, some jackass in a truck pulled right out in front of me! I'm lucky I at least have good brakes as I made'em screech trying to avoid the dumbass who doesn't look for shit.



Sorry bout the rant, just pissed I about broadsided a full size chevy on my new to me motorcycle. :angry:



I need to just buy a tank, roll that around and if anyone pulls out in front crushing time!

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I always drive my goon and my Z like Im on a bike, people dont even bother to look 80% of the time.


.... needless to say, I flip alot of people off.



I find myself doing it without even thinking twice, I used to not be that way but asshole drivers have created a stupidity to finger ratio. Ranging from the out the window to the ever so famous double duce!

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People just dont care anymore when driving. And im sorry to say this, but no offence WOMEN driving TRUCKS are the fucking worst. THey cut you off, dont look. I almost got hit 7 times the other day when driving the dime. People illegaly turning lefts at yield signals as im turning right, people running stop signs. Changing lanes in front of me and honking the horn they dont even look. Thats why you have to drive constantly for yourself and the other person, because the other person is a fucking idiot.

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I just got my bike and ...

you ARE invisible, drive like that and it will save your life!


also a nice set of steel toe boots and a swift kick do wonders to the sides of cars that pretend to still not see you after the finger salute, honk of the horn, etc.

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