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datsun 510 rubbers and other misc stuff

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pair of red bucket seats $400obo


NOS pass side mirror $250 sold


SSR 16x7 positive offset, with almost new tires $1000obo, perfect for Z's corollas and 240sx. worked on my 510 see pic SOLD


Roadster 46mm SU's$150 SOLD



Clock for 68-69 $150 SOLD





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Here are a few more things I got for sale.



Hood release cable: 25 SOLD


hood release latch 15 SOLD


trunk locking mech 15 eachSOLD


spare tire hold 10SOLD


weber carb adapter 25SOLD


gas cap 10SOLD


gas inlet 10SOLD


complete thermostat housing 35




complete key set, ign, three door locks (one extra cause the key works so why not), one trunk and one gas door 100



top one is the big one, came on 68's 30 SOLD


second is the original 69+, got cracked glass but works just fine and is pretty rare 35

third is a b210 that works 20SOLD




top two are 40 eachSOLD


bottom one rechromed 50SOLD




Not sure which year def 68-69 one is longer than the other 30 eachSOLD




Lights wiper and heater switches 20 SOLD




hood release locks 15SOLD


custom shifter boot holder works good for SR or KA swaps 20

water inlet 15SOLD


SU carb sinc tool 25SOLD


thermostat housing top 10

thermostat housing bottom 25

gas pedal linkage 10

hood hinges 30SOLD



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is the "A box of locks+keys and a box of lug nuts, best offer" different than the "complete key set" that you listed with pics?



Also what is the condition of the screws on the ignition?

yes, different. also, the complete set is sold. I might be able to put another together when i find another ignition switch.

for now:

locks are 15 each,

locks with a key are 20 each

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bump for the rubber!

I will bring some of this stuff to pleasanton



520/521 front windshield seal $90

520/521 rear windshield seal $90


cal look front windshield seal $65

cal look rear windshield $120

with chrome front windshield seal $65

with chrome rear windshield seal $120


door seals 4/wagon front $40

door seals 4/wagon rear $40

door seals 4/wagon front w/corners $54 (drop shipped)

door seals 4/wagon rear w/corners $54 (drop shipped)


door seal 2 door w/corners $54 (drop shipped)

1/4 seals $36

1/4 seals w/corners $72

1/4 glass seals $120


channel felt $36

inner squeegies NOS $30

outer squeegies 2 door $48

outer squeegies 4 door $68


wagon cargo $250

antenna $25

engine compartment seal $22

eyebrow/fender trim rubber $12

window crank/door pull clips $5

door+trunk bumpers $24

gas door bumpers $8

hood bumpers $28


wagon license plate lights rubber $25

outer taillight seals 69-73 $27

inner taillight seals 69-73 $27

turn signal seals 69-73 $15

sidemarker seals 69-73 $38

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can you post some pic plz thanks


New after market. Just sold the last the last one. Will have more in a week or so. Check back then. $45 shipped

I do have a Nissan original but used and in pretty good shape.

Also 45 shipped

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can you post some pic plz thanks


will post pics tonight.


Here is an updated list of what I actualy have in stock. the rest is coming soon.


same prices as datsunlandsocal.com and yes, this is his stuff.


windshield rubber

with trim: 1front 2rear

cal look 2front 1rear

520/521 1front 1rear


hood bumpers 3

rear shield 1

wiper boots 1

floor plugs 4big 10small

door pulls 10

license plate wagon and sedan

sidemarker gaskets

turn signal gaskets

trunk bumpers 1

gas door bumpers 5

dome light 1

wagon cargo 1 set

antennas 2

outer squeegies 1four door

#8 1/4 window rubber 2

#11 engine bay 1

#6 channel felt 1

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another updated list:

520/521 front windshield seal 90 ea

rear windshield seal 90 ea


510 cal look front windshield seal 70 ea

cal look rear windshield 120 ea

with trim front windshield seal 70 ea

with trim rear windshield seal 120 ea

front door seals 54 pr

rear door 40 pr

1/4 seals 72 pr

1/4 glass seals 120 pr

channel felt 36 pr

inner squeegies NOS 30 pr

outer squeegies 2 door 48 pr

outer squeegies 4 door 68 set

trunk seal 39 ea

engine bay seal 22 ea

wagon cargo 250 pr

antenna 25 ea

engine compartment seal 22 ea

eyebrow/fender trim rubber 12 pr

window crank clips 5 pr

door pulls with gromets 10 pr

door+trunk bumpers 24 set

gas door bumpers 8 pr

hood bumpers 28 set

sedan license plate lights rubber 25 pr

wagon license plate lights rubber 25 pr

outer taillight seals 27 pr

inner taillight seals 27 pr

turn signal seals 69-73 15 pr

sidemarker seals 69-73 38 set

door trunk vents 5 ea

wiper shaft boots 5 pr



for pics see datsunlandsocal.com

oem used trunk seal is sold

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