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MAZDA '77 pick up differential oil specs

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Im pretty sure that it uses the same as the Rx7. You do have the stock Rotary in it I'm assuming. but seeing since this is a truck it could use a bit more oil, rear end is slight bigger, I could be wrong. Best bet is to find a cheap Manual for it on ebay, I just bought one for my datsun 210 and only cost me $10 shipped.

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Datzenmike wrote something about GL 4 and GL 5 and anti-scuff and brass or copper seals

are fucked up by some kind of lube , I'm just cautious about that .

Anything to make it clear ???? :cool:


There is no brass or copper in the differential so use GL-5 80 W 90 or a good synthetic for rear ends.


GL-4 contains less sulphur and is more tranny friendly.


Nissan recommends GL-4 for trannys and GL-5 for rear ends. I think many new trannys are different and can use the GL-5 and the newer younger mechanics don't remember the need to protect the brass in the older transmissions. I've heard them tell people that GL-5 is better, and it is but also it's not compatible with brass. It's a slow process (corrosion) your tranny won't disintergrate if you use it. But it will attack the brass/copper over time.

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Basically if you have brass or bronze parts you need a yellow-metal safe gear oil, I don't know about Mazda diffs but as far as I can tell there aren't any yellow-metal parts in a Datsun rear end. Transmission, there are. And not all GL-4s are yellow metal safe, and some GL-5s are. When in doubt, read the label. Been big discussions of this on a lot of older-vehicle boards.

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