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  1. Shouldn't be that hard to swap a rotary in that datsun. I welded the 12a motor mounts so its pretty much just drop the engine in place and get the transmission crossmember can't remember if I used the 12a tranny one or the original one prob worked.
  2. weld in a bung for the o2 sensor no biggie. I also heard that a ka24 header will work just the ports are a bit different but will flow the same
  3. just as the title states. I have a 1989 nissan d21 4x4 (hardbody) nap-z 2.4 throttle body injected 5 speed manual. Cant find a header anywhere for it only from 1990+ but those have the ka24e. just wanna know if a 720 4x4 header will fit in my truck
  4. As title says in need of a head gasket for my l320. Anyone know where i can buy one new?
  5. I have complete square headlight front end. Pm me if interested in all of it, i no longer have a 210
  6. Need front wheel bearings for my l320 pickup up. If anyone knows where i can find them or has them please let me know thanks. Ps.i havent been on here in over like 6 months i think haha.
  7. Yeah I've checked ebay out but the Shipping is crazy. $120 plus + $60 for shipping. But if it comes down to that I will buy them, How is the quality of them?
  8. Ok so Im looking for a set of ZG Flares for my 1st Gen Rx7. Let me know what you guys have Thanks.
  9. $100 for a Rotary :hyper: Thats a deal! wish I could of been closer.
  10. Found the original ignition switch, put it on and turned the switch but the starter just clicks. All the lights inside work and the outsides also :) Gonna change the battery with a new one. one I had barely held any charge.
  11. Oh im sorry then. I have all my datsun parts stored away in storage, and I just happened to have those pictures only.
  12. Running a Bridgeported 13b. The S5 Trans did it come out of a Turbo II Rx7?
  13. like the title says. Need a shifter for my J13 tranny.
  14. Ooh. I do have the original Generator for it but It wont just bolt up to the J13. Have people done these swaps to these trucks and used the original Generator on the J13?
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