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Met a guy with a Z car.

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So today I was driving home from work when a 1978 Zcar flew up in my rearview mirror. I let him pass and followed him to his house to tell him about Ratsun :cool: and to get him thinkin about the Springtime and the GoldenSuperCruise here in Colorado. We talked for a bit and his car is an actual "survivor"...less than 70k original miles! :blink: This is one clean Z for sure! It needs a few little things and I am hoping that Ratsun can help him out.


To start with he needs a passenger outer mirror..like this one...




And he needs two knock-offs for these rims...




the inside of the opening is threaded..he thought they were 3 spoke knock-offs but was unsure since he had taken them off so long ago.


He also needs a "280 Z" emblem...one of his has broken pegs but he kept it.


The dash was totally perfect, interior was flawless..well almost :rolleyes: the motor was very clean and it still had its awesome 70's stripes on it. I forgot to get a pic of the whole car...sorry guys and gals.


Anyone got anything to help this guy? Please let me know...he seemed really stoked about Ratsun and was glad that I stopped to chat...a real Ratsunesque fellow for sure.

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Tell him to loose the knock-offs. They're gay unless they're real knock-offs, then they serve a purpose. Just make a Datsun flush cap for those wheels, that would look way better. And even though it's a Datsun, be careful of following people to their houses. I've seen a lot of Datsun owners who are meth addicts! :)

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Yeah word up about following people...I usually check the surroundings out pretty well before I choose to follow or stop. This dude was in a really good neighborhood in the first place and the car was way too nice to be Meth/Crack/Tweeker material <_< ...at all.


Good advice though man. The centers on the rims are a bolt on deal and might just be better off removed. :rolleyes:


Thanks for checking on the emblems Carlos...let me know what you think. :cool:

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Thats funny... :D

Yeah...Datrod...I will tell him for sure! He will be stoked to hear that for sure!

Shipping will be to 80222 Denver, Colorado


Lets get this guy a price!


Thanks so much guys! Great job. :cool:

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