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I buy some odd things...

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Every so often I have to torture myself by buying a non-Datsun...













It's an ex-Military CUCV (it's a Chevy D30 5/4 ton truck for those who don't know military trucks), that's spent many years in various government agencies. Aside from Military service, it was also US Forest Service, then ended up in the Lincoln County Fire Protection District. They retired it 6 months or so ago, it ended up on Auction through GSA (General Services Administration), and I ended up buying it. Why? Well, usually they sell for between $1200-2500 on Auction and quite a bit more to guys who like the old Militarized versions. I put down a generally lowball bid, and never expected to win it. Well, I did win it much to my surprise.


So, Thursday I trekked out to Almira, WA, which is in the middle of nowhere, was handed the key, and the only thing it needed was a battery (one was dead, and it's a 24V starter so both needed to be working). Then drove it the 250 miles home. Yeah, the bed was full of all that excess stuff, it's leftover from the pumper unit they'd had in it- my Dad thinks it was probably a foam pumper.


It actually runs pretty good- my experience in the Reserves with these trucks is that the engines are tempermental if not properly maintained, but even in 35 degree weather out there and sitting 6 months, it didn't take much to get it started. The glow plugs appear to actually work, which is the most common failure on these.


I have plans for this, though until I get the title paperwork from GSA that's on hold. Obviously the residue firefighting plumbing is coming off, which will require cutting off the platform welded to the rear bumper. It's going to get a rattle-can paint job to get rid of the fire department colors... I'm thinking "Urban Camo" (camo in shades of grey and black). The body is actually more beat than the pictures show- the hood and roof have been walked on, and those hose racks and mounts left holes everywhere. Plus the holes in the roof from where the lightbar used to be.

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Oilve drab, with black lettering stenciled on, with painted steelies.


keep it to tow home new projects......


but I guess the 2 1/2 ton truck I see parked in front of it will take care of that.... :cool:


Got to be cool and call it a duce and a half

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