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chevy 1500 rims on a 1972 521 ?


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Di it the right way & be safe. Have the center holes on the rims bored out to 4 inches. Youll also need "conical" seat lug nuts. & there may be an issue getting the center caps to snap into place, the dust covers on the hubs may interfere.. Easy fix there,,remove dust covers or section a piece out & re-weld.

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Not to dissagree with the idea of getting it done right...at all....but in some cases it is possible to do it right and do it yourself. With tapered lugs the center bore is of less importance as far as it's precise machining goes.


Check this link out...or search "Yukon" in the search bar...




the offset might be totally different between the 01 and the 08 Yukon rims, but here is a good start anyway on answering your question

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...uummmm....if he's putting them on a 521 with drums, the center bore is not the issue....it's the dish in the drum. He'd need a 1/4" spacer to fill the void behind the rim and longer stud bolts. I'm getting old and hazy on a lot of this, but I'm pretty sure on this one :)

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Nope...The pic in the link I put up shows 2008 Yukon rims bolted firmly to my stock drum brake 521 with only the described work having been performed...no spacers.




Thats why I was saying that maybe the offset from 2001 to 2008 is different.


Pics of the rims you intend to run would help this thread a lot. As we all know GM makes a few rims for their trucks...it could be one of several options.


Now...having said that, the "normal" Chevy alloy rim from the 90s (and beyond?) would never even come close without spacers.



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Those do look really nice on there!!


The spacers weren't actually for spacing the rim out....more to fill the dish in the drum. The rim near the center doesn't quite seat to the drum at the lugs because it hit the higher area surrounding the mounting surface.



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Hey Buckwheat....we need some pics man! WTH?


Klotz is right about the dish of the drum...we need to buy disk kits from him then it wouldn't matter:rolleyes:


Mine just fit man...thats all I can say...I applied fresh paint 3 or 4 times and went through the mounting process multiple times to be sure. The inside rim circle is different than on many sets of rims I have seen GM make though...


WE NEED PICS MAN!!!!!!!!!!! :blink:

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On my 71 521 with the tahoe's I ran a 5/16 rear space because they rubbes on the frame in the rear. the fronts fit fine as for the center caps. i cut a little off the spindle in the front and smashed the dust cap down then dremeled the center section out a litle bit(removed plastic from the back of the center cap)then the fit fine. As for the lug nut i had to get mine from scwabs they were the only one that had the correct should so the lug wouldnt pull through the wheel


also for the the other guys that need to get wheels bore there it tut on you tube that shows how to do it safely with a router and but. they do a set of escalades and q45 wheels i belive

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