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L20b/Cartech turbo/5-speed dogleg Complete

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Aright have here a Running L20b motor has I was told 60,000-70,000 on it,has a U67 head, Weber carb 32/36 DGV could be re-jetted but it runs fine,has a Crane Cam .460lift 270 Dur,Electronic ignition with the petronics and a Crane cam elec.box. Has a Cartech turbo kit on running 7psi,turbonetics wastegate. Also is the 5-speed dog leg tranny that will go with it and I also have a extra 510 rearend to. What is included with the motor/tranny is pretty much everything from Radiator to the Borla muffler,downpipe,mech fuel pump and I think that's it.Driveshaft is not.

If you are reading this it is SOLD!








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I'm fairly local and im really interested in the setup... I saw that you were going to pull it out on your build thread. when would that be by so I could possibly see it in action before then


Soon as I have someone line up for the motor I will pull it till then I'll drive the hell out of it. Other than that It will stay in.

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I had to show Kait this ad and coerce her to get it. Buuuuut, if anybody wants a clean L18 with tons of new parts and a few spare parts/two transmissions... Kait's is for sale for $300!! Full swap from radiator to muffler excluding driveshaft. Peep the For Sale ad for more info and some pictures! Was built to be her daily driver motor, so it should be dead reliable once you hook it all up and turn it over!

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