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280zx Parts question


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How much can a 1979 280zx Front suspension setup go for with Brakes attached also?

And What Kind of Rear End did it Come with?

How much are the stock wheels that come with it?


I found this 280zx on craigslist and I need a few parts to swap out my Old 1980 Datsun 210 Suspension in for the 280zx suspension setup.

let me know what you guys think I should pay for: Wheels with tires, Front suspension setup with brakes, Rear Suspension and Rear End. I know nothing baout 280zx's. help me out. http://hartford.craigslist.org/cto/1485428258.html

The car is pretty cheap for what he is asking but I have no room to take it to my house.

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Front struts w/brakes run up to around $150. Rear end is a semi trailing arm like the 510, but not exactly an exact swap. They came with drums or discs, u-joint shafts or cv shafts, long nose R180 or R200, depending on year/trim. I would say not worth much if anything unless it's disc and cv shaft, and then probably worth about $150-200. Those wheels, sometimes called iron crosses, are heavy mofos...around 18lbs, require nissan shank lug nuts. They're worth $0 to me, but some people like them.

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Up in the northwest I've not been able to get more than $100 a pair for the front struts on those cars. (complete with brakes)


Rear diff is an R180 (auto?) and worth basically nothing. Auto tranny, nothing.

The rear brakes can be used on some older Datsuns with custom fitment. (welding?) ...but the 1979 is the less desirable of the two versions. 1982-83 are more sought after. The speedometer in that Z is about $50 resale.

If the hood is really straight you may be able to sell it for $50

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i paid 100 bucks on half of day at pick a part for complete front brakes strut assemblies, spring hats, rotors of an 83 280zx.

Yikes! $200 is the normal price?

The wrecking yards here don't ask near that amount. Also, you're in California. Everything has to cost more.

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Hey Thanks you guys. Dont really know much about 280zx's. just wanted to get a picture on how much I can give this guy for some parts. I'll probably just buy the whole car and get what I need out of it then send it to the junk yard afterwards. If i do get my hands on it. And someone from here is interested in parts of it let me know, what you need. Im only using the Front suspension setup, and if its rear Disk Brakes then Im keeping that also. other than that I will part out everything else for real cheap. I have no use for a Z car at the moment.

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I paid $50 for a complete 240z front end suspension setup , and $250 ( I know !!! ) for a rear end set-up with an extra r-200 and multiple extra pieces that I have been looking for the brackets , differential mounts , etc that I needed for a swap in my part's Z ( everyone around here wants an arm and a leg right now ??? ). So I would say don't pay more than $100 for the front , and absolutely no more than $200 for the rear end set-up !!!! AT MOST !!!


Rear End Types and Ratios found here ( I am not sure of accuracy ??? ) http://www.zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/GearRatios.html


Wheels should be worked into the price total , and I would not have paid that much but my garage was packed with stuff !!! ( I really needed multiple parts )

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