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FI on an SU intake

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Is anyone here running this?




Fuel injection Throttle bodies that bolt onto an SU manifold...

One would still need the ECY, pump Etc.


Thought this would be cool on the truck.


they also have Throttle bodies to replace DCOE carbs...

I have a friend with the DCOE setup on a 240Z, and it works well


If your running FI on you 4 Cyl. L motor Plz. post up some pix!

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ya, I just found the FI thread in the 510 section... stupid me, I was loooking in the Tech and engine sections...


If the truck dosen't sell I was thinking about going FI and installing the T5 trans I have for it..


wanted to use the SU manifold and throttle bodies, or maybe something

off a GM but I'm not sure yet. I had a couple of the L16e manifolds years ago and sold them on Ebay, if I remember, the runners where too small for my L24B.


I like the cut down L28 manifold idea.:thumbup:

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The twm throttle bodies do look a lot nicer than the extrudabody ones. But for $1400? There is a picture somewhere on hybridz showing a guy that modified an SU to accept a TBI injector in the dome. Looked really clean.



IIRC that was Tony D


theres a few people on Hybrid running variations of this set up

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i have (his)their 1st gen ITB set up.


planned install on the LZ22 for the goon.




GREYBEARD: next time you head south, lemme know if you want to see it.



Yep, I'd like to see it, and your L24B's also, don't get that way much in the truck anymore, but still do get down that way.


if you get up this way, contact me. :)

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