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I knew I was smelling burnt wires


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Ok, I kept saying that I smelled something burning when I drove my 311 Roadster last couple of times...of course everyone said...naaa..your imagination. Well when a fellow NWDE member came over to help me...charging system had stopped working...we found a melted alternator plug and melted wire. PO had put in a huge alternator and had tucked the wire bundle or rat's nest of wires up close to the block, keep them warmer that way? Yep, I was smelling something...always trust your own nose over your friend's noses.

Going back to the stock alternator as soon as I find the stock, not aftermarket bolt for it.

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The GM alt is too huge and was .22 mm away from the steering rod. I don't need a whole lot of amperage..no A/C or stereo sytem, just the radio which works fine.


So, back to the stock one...should work fine. Going to try to get some of the engine parts cleaned and polished up during the winter. Tana

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