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Who's 510 broke down 205 and 84 today?

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So I am busting into Ptown this morning and saw an orange 510 4 door pulled off the side over on the eastbound side right at the 205/84 interchange. Some Ratsuner had to do the walk of shame this morning. Hope you got her going or chances are some crack head is going to snag those nice wheels.:D

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Would have in a second if it wasn't in the spot that it was. Too much traffic at that time in AM and the 510 was 200 yards away pointed in the opposite direction with 4 lanes in between. Honest to God, IDK how you PDX'ers deal with that 205/84 interchange everyday. Never seen so many freaks and stressers trying to change lanes and merge and talk on their cell phones at the same time. I never take jobs in the city for just that reason.

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seattle is shit!!


I5, 512 and 167. For fucks sake, took me an hour to hour 1/2 to get from Graham WA to Auburn where i worked, every day. Getthing home was the same story. and its only 25 miles. Got so tired of that crap. So i moved here, and drove to work 2 days a week, worked at home the other 3 days. The two days i drove to work, it was 85 miles each way. Equaled out to about an hour and a half also. So it was the same drive time but only twice a week instead of 5 days.

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Shit don't ever come to the tri state if you think you guys got traffic there lol. BK is maybe 5 miles from my house and a couple weeks ago coming back from a gallery it took me 2 hours. No accident no nothing......

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Guest 510kamikazifreak
They both SUCK!!!!



I agree!!

Been in through both many times,Fucking busy anytime of the day,The most memorable drives south of the 49th ,Red eye all the way:blink:


Hit portland 3:00 am ish,Shit traffics going a million miles a hour,Hang on dear here we go :D:eek:,


Seattles most memorable,Coming back from Canby a few years ago.. With a few from this way,I pre-warned when we hit seattle I go!!No holds barred, kinda funky passing at 90ish miles an hour, in almost sardine traffic:lol::blink:


And then there is waking after a nap at the "rest" stops on the I(nsane)5 drowsy BAM full throttle :eek::blink:Just to get with the flow of traffic:blink:

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