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r200 CLSD woes over?


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Well maybe not for those who aren't willing to try this. Anyway, a few years ago I got it stuck in my head that nissan prolly didn't change too much when they went to the larger r230 ring gear and carrier. Now this doesnt involve the the r230 specifiaclly but I am willing to bet those who run the r230 will have an easier time of this.


Heres the deal, I took a pathfinder h233b carrier and machined down the flange diameter along with the smaller diameter of the carrier that the ID of the ring gear rides on. I machined it down so that the r200 ring gear fits onto the pathfinders carrier.




Why the pathfinder carrier? Well, they can be found like no other in our local junkyards, typically are LSD, and the breakaway torque can be lowered from 289ft/lbs to 80ft/lbs which is more street able for a car.

You can cut corners though and just get an LSD unit from a 96 pathfinder which are rated at 65-80 ft/lbs of breakaway stock. Even an 2000-03 xterra carrier is rated a bit lower at 35-60 ft/lbs of breakaway torque; a little low but very streetable!

To get any of these ratings all you have to do is mix and match also sometimes add plates, spring plates, friction plates, clutch plates, or spring discs. All you have to do is download the FSM's for each vehicle and copy the layout of the LSD components. When it comes to the xterra LSD breakway alot of plates have to be removed, lol.



Now, fitting inside the r200 housing is easy but its a bit longer than the r200 carrier. So, shimming it can be a problem unless you use the r200 bearings because the h233b bearings are much wider, hence the extra length of the carrier. Most likely if you have the ability to turn the diameters on the carrier you have the ability to pull the bearings and swap them or just buy new ones like I did, lol!


the h233 bearing is about .100 wider than the r200 bearing


So, I have machined, adjusted, and fitted this thing but the biggest issue I haven't worked out is diff stub axles. The inside spline count of the pathy LSD unit is 31spline and is about 1mm larger diameter than the r200 29 spline stub.

pathy 31 spline spider



29 spline stub




My solution I think is going to be having a custom stub made by dutchmen or pull the pathy axles from a junkyard and cut them and have them re splined. I am hoping the pathy axles workout because the custom option would put this in the same price range as acquiring a r200 CLSD.


Tell me what ya guys think of my idea and maybe some ideas how I can make this work. peace.

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I like :D


Id be interested in the what the final price tag would be


final price tag with custom stub axles(250bucks),50bucks for LSD unit, 120 bucks for machining, and prolly another 150-200 for a shop to setup backlash correctly.


Is there a cv stub you could machine down the cv cup to make a flange adapter, or at least an adapter for a more modular cv like the vw/porsche style?


I dont quite follow. pics?

If you can go down to R200 is H190 possible?

I would think the h190 being as close as it is in nature might work BUT tearing one down and measuring it would be the only way to tell. lol. Gimme some dimensions of the carrier itself and I could tell ya real quick if it will or not.

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I would think the h190 being as close as it is in nature might work BUT tearing one down and measuring it would be the only way to tell. lol. Gimme some dimensions of the carrier itself and I could tell ya real quick if it will or not.


What dimensions do you need? Want to stop by my place tonight? I have one torn down sitting on my workbench awaiting a pinion seal to arrive so I can reinstall.

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Well my main question is do porsche or VW have a 31 spline diff stub axle? If they doand its the correct diameter I would try it.
*smacks head against wall*


No, I'm talking about taking a nissan CV shaft that has a 31 spline output shaft (may or may not exist - up to you to find out) and machining the output stub shaft cv cup to accept a bolt on u-joint or cv setup in order to use more accessible cv joints and shorter (or easier to shorten) shafts than all the too-long nissan cv shafts. Might not work for you, but perhaps it would work for someone with a 27 spline subaru R180. They can be found fairly cheap, it's just the matter of overcoming the incompatibility of the 27 spline cv output shafts when the stock nissan R160 and R180 are 25 spline, and R200 29 spline. Take the subaru R180 CV output shaft, machine down the cup, adapt the machined down flange to Porsche/VW CV joint...? Just thinking out loud.

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CV shafts shouldn't be a problem. Empi sells many different spline counts and various length hardened shafts. There are no 31spline stubs made by nissan that i have found. That makes this aspect of the whole project very difficult and expensive if I cant make the pathy axle idea work. I was over at Slodats place tonight having a look at the h190 and h190 axles. The h190 unfortunately doesn't look promising for this LSD unit. However the axle shafts look to be the right diameter for what I am looking for. I am going to pull another set of pathy's as well and compare between the two. I am hoping nissan didnt harden the whole shaft because HARD turning is time consuming and inserts for such ops are expensive. *sigh*

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Thought of that but if you see in the pics the clutch plates are driven on the inside of their diameters. There's a giant hex milled into the back side of the pinion gears that the plates get driven by. The r200 CLSD clutch plates are driven by four tabs on the outside. Their diameters are also different from what I have found but thickness is the same.

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