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New classics website Banner Contest!


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Ok guys and gals Listen UP!!! I have started a website.. http://www.classicsportcompact.com ....working on the

actual layout now, but the forums are up and running. I am looking for submissions for the website/forums

banner. I'm making this an actual contest and the winner will recieve either a JVC stereo or an

Apple I-pod nano (Both are new, Im a reseller!)

I will run this contest for 10 days. I am listing this one 4 other sites so there should be lots of submissions

Since my site is inclusive of all the makes, not just Datto's there should be no issues there.


If I see the banner I like before the 10 days is up (Im sure Ill know its the one when I see it) I will

declare a winner and close the contest. If I do not pick one before the deadline and do not see a clear

winner I will put it to a vote. Please post either the link or the submission on my site and the site you

read about the contest on.




1. It must be in .gif format and the dimensions are 600x250.


2. If you include pics of a members car or likeness, please pm them for permission first. Please then

forward the pm to me so that I know it has been approved. If the picture is yours, please post along

with the entry your approval of using the pic.


3. Contest will run for 10 days or until I declare a winner. If one is not chosen then it will be voted



4. Winner will be able to choose from either the stereo or the Ipod, and winner is not responsible for

any cost, including shipping.


5. No prize will be substituted, and all entries submitted become the property of CSC.com™


Good Luck!!!!

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