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i need some info and a trans.


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well i have a datsun 510 with a swapped KA24E in it. i need to find out any and all transmissions that will bolt up directly to my KA. i can fab stuff up to get in in the car i just need to know which ones will bolt up. i need to keep my options open cause im home visiting family in IL and i was suppose to be home today...... so i need to find something that will work ASAP.


ill get the part numbers from the current trans that just crapped out on me but ill have to get it on the lift so ill need some time for that.


so if anyone has a list of transmissions that will fit...... PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

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i dont have time im in a mad rush to get something fixed ASAP!! im in and out of the house and running around to different scrap yards trying to find a trans... so instead of telling me to search (cause i would if i had time) why wouldnt you just post a link or not post... THANKS!!!


instead of wasting your time looking for a different trans, and then making it fit by getting a custom adapter plate/swapping parts etc. Why dont you just look for a ka tranny? any ka tranny 89-97 will work.

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ok i got some numbers off the trans. frim what ive been told its a short tail trans.... i have no idea what that is or what its from.


anyways the numbers on the front section are: ZL 71B with a #5 right below that. and there is a #2 stamped on the rear section of the trans. i took some pictures and they are uploading now. ill post them in a few.

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Yup. Bet it doesn't have a speedometer hook up too. Does it?


They are truly a short tail at 26.3" long.


I posted this on The Realm too:


FS5W71B type from a 720 truck. The picture doesn't show it, but I would expect that it does not have a speedometer drive in the tail stock. I know that these short ones were used in the King Cab and long wheelbase trucks but have only seen (I have one) them in 4X4 trucks... thus the missing speedo drive in the tailstock. The 2wd King Cab and long wheelbase trucks may use the short transmission, and if so, would also have the speedo drive in them. As for the years?... again I've only seen '84 and up 720 trucks with the Z24 motor have them, there could be other years. Look for it to be 26.3" long. All others are 31.5" long and won't fit without shortening the driveshaft and maybe moving the rear tranny mount back. Sorry I can't help you more, I wish I knew more about them.



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I once though the short ones were 4X4... then spent 2 hours trying to get a 5-speed out of an '85 2WD in a junkyard only to realize it was a shorty. My '83 720/Z24 has a longtail, and I've replaced it with one from another 720 (but don't know the year). My 720 is a KC and the one I got the tranny from was a KC, the shorttail was in a SWB truck.

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You know Doug I've asked for responses from other 720 forums as to what length tranny is in their trucks. Just when I think I have an idea someone replies with an exception. I have a long Z tranny in my 620 so I use the short 10? inch primary d/s to the trans case but I did once have the long 14" shaft that would allow the shorty to fit. Maybe Nissan used whatever and just used the matching d/s?

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