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1983 B11 Sentra

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This is my new first car. Technically it's a Datsun, but one of the last before Nissan totally dropped the name. I just bought it a couple weeks ago, and it is currently in the shop having the timing belt, tune up, etc. done:)


It was hard for me finding support for this car, but some of yall have it even tougher with rarer cars, so I'm glad I found this forum. I was hoping I could occasionally get some advice as I work on this car, so I will try to update this as the project takes shape. This is my first car so I don't have alot of money:(


Hope some people can answer any questions I have, and I love yalls forums:D


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I'm going to pick it up tomorrow, i'll take some extra pics. It's solid, but old and has been someones daily driver 250,000 miles all original stock so it won't look or drive great for some time. Gotta redo lots of the front suspension, If any one knows what parts to use I would like to lower it when I get the suspension done anyway. Right now it uses McPherson struts I think.

LMK, any suspension help would be appreciated:)

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Autocross beats a car to death and goes through tires. If this is your first car (age 16/17?) then just keep it as a stock ecinomical driver.

Autocrossing regularly is expensive. If you can afford to autocross then spend some of that money on a different car for racing. Build up the suspension for it.

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Wow... it's been awhile. I was gonna post, but with school and everything the time just flew by. Well, i'll post more pics later, I took some when I picked it up, and more once we drove it to my house 150 miles away. It ran fine all the way there. I've had it at my house I guess a litte over a month now, and so far only destroyed most of the rust on it. We're cleaning my garage out, then I'll have a better place to work. Soon as thats done I'm getting all the dents pulled and prepping for paint.


I'll post some pics soon... it's just covered up in my driveway right now

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Hey, sorry its been so long, I've got some tools and money now so things should start moving along. I'm starting to sand it down for paint. Here are the (now really old) pictures of when I got my car home July-August, 2009.






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Your right, but I will probably use it for auto x at SCCA. I've seen some nice simple cages in similar cars, and just wanted to see if anyone knew how much a build like that would cost.




if you want to auto-x it just start with some decent struts and springs and some nice tires and worry about getting better at driving than anything else. A cage isnt even required in auto-x.

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