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chalet motor oil


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DITTO THAT! I don't know how many people come in or call to NAPA right now asking what's the cheapest oil you have. Cheap oil is exactly that; cheap! If you don't give a crap about the car, great use cheap oil.


If you want it around another 1000 miles, at least get a decent less expensive oil, like our NAPA brand, which is NOT Valvoline because it doesn't have their additive package, but would be considered what they would use for base stock. Point being, even 2.99 a quart is cheap, and I have run that oil in my leaking L20 in the 620 simple because it eats/drops too much oil to neccesitate expensive stuff. It's okay, but not what I would use for long term.


Oil for 5 bucks a case might as well have been drug out of the local greasy spoon and thickened up with sand blasting residue.

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Yes, Chalet is an OK brand. But then so is any oil sold in USA that meets SD specification. Don't buy non-detergent oil, that has a special purpose.


I've been using various inexpensive oil (that meets manufacturer spec) for over 25 years. My engines last a long, long time. Never had one fail. My current engine is 37 years old, doesn't smoke, never been rebuilt.


But $5/case sound like it is stolen. Thats 3 gallons. Oil generally cost more than gasoline (at least by the case it does).

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I believe there is a 2-3 year shelf life too. Not that it's no good after that date but the quality is lessesed.


Spend the money, you don't have to get premium 'turbo' oil but get something better. ALWAYS, ALWAYS change the filter with the oil. They are inexpensive. Change the oil at least twice a year. NEVER, NEVER use additives like slick50, STP or that teflon crap. Only suckers use it.

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Wow, when I look for a quality motor oil, I sure look for descriptions that say, "Found in gas stations and grocery stores." :eek: (The Oregon cl ad) Reminds me of the old adage regarding a fool and his money.

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