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asian lady backed into my car

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i was parked and the azn lady backed into me


i get my bumper rechromed:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

she backed into me and bent it a little, but im pushing for a full rechrome

and my tires were turned when she hit me, so imma push for a new alignment

stupid bitch didnt want to pay:mad: and i said imma call the cops

and they said "yeah go ahead!!!" i think they thought i was a unlicened or uninsured illegal and that i was bluffing

and oh so beautifully ironicly, when the cop was making the report she didnt have her current insurance card! LOL she got a ticket for it too.

there is nothing really bad with it, but w/e

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^definitely. My dad just got rearended by a dumbass who didn't know how to use his brakes. My dad was at a dead stop, and this wacko comes flying down a hill at about 40 mph and causes a 3 car accident. Even though it was in no way my dad's fault, he still had to pay $6800 for a new truck, because the fucking insurance company only gave him $1200 for his, and all it needed was a new rear end. They even cranked it up and drove it onto the tow truck to get it off the scene of the accident.:nonod:


Anyways... yeah, make them pay, and pay extra for the "classic vehicle" since you can't find new parts. :D

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asian vs asian don don donnnnnnn lol. It amazes me how many (seemingly) sober people hit parked cars. We all make mistakes but jesus, gas on left brake on right! ;)


I had a richy bitchy blonde back into my truck while it was parked as I watched, then got out and bitched at me that the light on her A6 was broke lol. I looked at my truck and broke her balls about how her car rusted my bumper in the impact, she got all bent out of shape called me names and sped away. So I called the cops and she got bagged for leaving the scene. :lol:

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The bumper is a bummer. Same thing happened to me by a drunk driver who fled the scene. Only hurt the bumper, but a new one is only $125.48 (Nissan list price) so the police wouldn't even file report.


man be careful you don't sound racist. She's asian so you suspect she's an illegal immigrant? Then you try to push for "a new alignment" out of her when there's no evidence of any alignment issue?


Sorry if this offends you dude, but I'm tired of people assuming things about me because of my mexican name. I hope they treat me the same any other other mistake-making person and not stereotype me. Moises, just make a claim on your insurance and they'll take care of it. Insulting or call her names doesn't get you any closer to having your bumper fixed. Yes, insist on getting the bumper fixed to like new condition. If Nissan has no bumpers any more, then a rechrome is a heap of dough.

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