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new az guy, with a 78 b210 coupe and questions

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whats up everyone ive been on a few nissan sights and cant quite find any answers. i'll start off with the car 78 datsun b210 coupe with a 4 speed m/t, a14 (i think very new to datsun) it is basically all stock which is a good thing. i daily drive it, because what is the point in owning a pretty unique car if it doesn't see the road? any ways on to my questions...


i am looking into doing a few different things havent set myself in any one direction yet tho, first off is the wheels. i hate the atrocities that are on it right now but i cant find anywhere that gives my lug size?


next i have been thinking about shaving the bumpers off of it and going with a front spoiler look. i am finding out the hard way that there are no aftermarket parts for 210s, what other vehicles have parts that could be slightly modified to fit?


well thanks for the help here are a few pics of my $500 beauty.






and the paint job im seriously considering cleaned up of course.


or a little more rat


anyways thanks for the help and reading....

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welcome you and your 210 to ratsun. i'm kind of partial to the black primer look myself. m;y own b 210 is covered in white primer for right now. do you have any plans for engine?

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BTW.. did you mean lug pattern? Should be 4x114.3 :)



zeto is correct, there are a million wheels out there you can fit. i have a few sets my self. any stock 280 z wheels will fit. make sure you get the lug nuts too. what size you lookin for, 14's , 15's ?

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welcome you and your 210 to ratsun. i'm kind of partial to the black primer look myself. m;y own b 210 is covered in white primer for right now. do you have any plans for engine?



i am thinking of a few different options right now, im in phoenix getting custom motor mounts made should be pretty easy. a few options im thinking of f-20/22, ca18det, im not sure yet. putting a honda f22 in it may kind of bastardize i think it would be pretty sick.

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great call on showcars, i just wish they had pictures, i sent them an email to see if they could send me some. thanks for all the help everyone.


as for the color i may just try and keep the blue, well get it redone. i dont know the paint is the last thing on my mind, i have a few solid weeks of sanding, pulling, and popping dents and dings out of it.

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There are some after market parts for the Car. Since you're required to have a Catalytic Converter, a 2 inch exhaust will open up the A14. Weber 32/36 Down Draft would help also.


I have a Header to Fit the A14, needs the welds machined off to mate to head and outer pipe slightly modified to clear the Steering Gear Box.


Parts Available from Rock Auto for the Car also. If you need new Front/Rear Window Rubber let me know. I have those sitting unused at home.


If you swap out to a larger motor you will need a Differential. The H150 will not handle the torque of a CA18. Most reading I have done indicates switching out the 190 or 200 Differentials.


I actually like those Toyota Rims, was thinking of putting those or similar on my 75 B210.

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I actually like those Toyota Rims, was thinking of putting those or similar on my 75 B210.


which toyota wheels? if you like the wheels on my car im planning on peeling them off asapill be more than willing to sell ya mine.


o im putting indiana plates on the car so emissions arent going to matter. i'm in the military and indiana is my home of record so i can get away with it.

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13x9's in the rear and 13x7 or so in the front. :D maybe unrealistic, lol. i may try and track down some decent used wheels till i get my cash for the watanabes.



Might be hard to get tires for those sizes... if you want to go wide I say go with 15's... or even 14's.

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ggreen I'm also in the Phoenix area. Try to get the datsun guys out for meets and such once in a while. If your interested send me a PM and we'll chat.


BTW, you got that off craigslist recently right? I remember seeing one like it on there not long ago.

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hello i'm also in the west phoenix area, get back to me and we can all hook up, ryan and i r always trying to get other datsun peeps together:D

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cool car man, i love to see more b210's around. a 78 coupe too, very cool. i run 15" z wheels on mine. they are cool, but require very skinny tires. i have 195/65 and i am rubbing badly. need to run like 195/45 if you get 15". just letting you know, because i made the mistake of the 65's and am just dealing with it till i burn them up.

btw-i think someone tucked in those bumpers in past. i took my front off, doesn't look bad under there at all to me. i tried the back but didn't like it bumperless.


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