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i'm back, my 720


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Well after my bout with the courier and selling my s-10 I picked up a 85 720 it is clean as hell for what I paid for it, the guy had it painted which kinda sucks cause they did no bodywork and did not do the jambs or anything. Anyways here is some pictures and i will add as the build continues.

day I got it home from visalia.





sweet floormats haha


day 2 lowered and tint removed also got rid of the sweet floormats.



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hey cheeks, good to see ya back, it's tom from phx az, we met at art of noize, u and i and taylor hung out with sunset, r u the guy lookin to buy the galaxies that taylor has? nice lookin truck, c ya later :)

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the truck looks beautiful.

How much did you pay for it, and how does it run ?

I wish I could have found a 720 in that good of shape to start with.

I have put about $3000 into my truck so far and I have it runnning perfect, except I still need to get the a/c going and I need to get some body work done becuase of dents and rust!

I paid $1500 for mine.

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It runs awesome, the motor was just rebuilt not to long ago, new carb larger radiator etc. I got a good deal on the truck I will leave it at that. Tom yes I am the same guy, I bolted them up today but I wasn't really feeling them plus they are dead flush with my fenders so I think I am just gonna 5 lug swap the truck and be done with it for awhile.

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