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280zx wheels cheapooooo

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Price:200 OBO


Wheel Size: 14x6 4x114

Wheel Offset: -10

Wheel Brand: NISSAN

Tire Size: 195r60 good tread!

Tire Brand:

Number of Wheels/Tires available: 4


need some money to fund my ka 4 door beast :D BUY MY OLD RIMS YO!








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will trade for oldschool & misc. parts plus cash :D steering wheels, mirrors, fog lights/rally bumper lights, grill badges, etc. oh, and looking for an older mr2 radiator, or a 78 scirraco radiator. and a good electronic fan. and a walbro fuel pump. mostly looking for some sickly old school parts though. kay, let me know :D we'll work something out.



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I'm actually looking at some wheel options, and I might be interested. I'm down in Olympia, so it's a little bit of a drive, but not too bad.


You flexible on the price at all? Need any help wiring up the electric radiator fan once you find one? Looking for old-school 13" wheels?

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come pick them up somebody! not super soon though. cuz i gotta get my tires mounted on my new wheels first ;D just bought some 13x7 -48's. CRAZY offset. look at pictures in the general forum.


like i said. if you guys have some crazy oldschool parts, those are some big hitters for me :D i'm workin this projecttttt. REALLY looking for a sweet oldschool NARDI wheel. with a fat grip, and maybe a little dish.


whatev. offer uppppp.

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sure, I'll come eat at your Diner. Will it be an automotive theme?


There's a very old Firestation in Kent that's been abandoned for a long time. It has two garage doors. You should buy that for a Diner business.

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