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the bucket


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this is the truck that i bought off here. its a 78 Datsun 620 KC. Weber-ed L20b 4spd manual. it has been dropped, re-indexed torsion bars and blocks in the back. Hella H4 halogens, and an uncut but cracked dash. the cluster bezel has been hacked for a HUGE Mallory Ignition tach with built in adjustable shift light and max rpm indicator, but it almost seems to flow with the truck. and now it has a decent stereo. motor seems to knock a little but who knows. if it lasts longer than this rust bucket, i will be happy.


the reason i really bought this truck was the L20, the wheels (which are mis-matched but not enough to notice if you didn't notice originally), and the long tail conversion parts for the 73. i didn't even notice the H4s till after i committed to buying it.


so here it is.. in all its rotten glory. the floors are the worst. i dont have pics of that but trust me, swiss cheese has less holes.

























my son Jason took this pic.



yes i know about the double and that has been taken care of. as well as the thrashed upper ball joints, trashed front brake lines, and wrong radiator cap. i still have to inspect and adjust the rear brakes, adjust the e-brake, fix the door pins on the drivers side so the door will close right. i also have to install a new (used) radiator, a new set of tires for the front (already replaced the rears with 195-75-14s to keep the speedo as close to accurate as possible.), rebuild the Weber, and install my hula girl :D

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Hey that was the $600 truck right? If so overall not a bad deal. Most 620's need alot of work done to em to get em road worthy. Keep the pics coming...:cool:


it was actually less, for a Ratsun member, but yeah. same truck.still needs alot of work BUT its comming along nicely.


............ get a 5spd.


have one. its just broke.

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Guest DatsuNoob

Sweet tail lights dude!:lol: Good buy! I'm kinda jealous, I need a KC instead of std cab, but oh well. Let me know when we're gonna weld on that core support and fix your rockers. OT at work has been cut, so my weekends are freeing up now.

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core support is whenever i can get it down there with the cab. as for the rockers... they MAY sit for a while. the rockers on the new cab for the 73 look ok and the 78 isn't getting anything till it absolutely needs it.

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well i got the bucket out of the shop today. one of the techs has dubbed it "The Devil Truck". took 3 hours to do the rear brakes. most of it trying ot get teh drivers rear drum off. LOL!!! i am just glad i didn't do it. cost me an arm and a leg but i just dont have time right now to do the work as i am in the middle of a motor swap for my mom in her Jetta. oh well. thats how teh ball bounces. now i have good brakes.

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