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I am Stoked!!


I managed to score a free r180 from a guy here near my house.. I came out of a super low mileage 260z. It was pretty nasty looking when I got it but it didnt take to much to clean it up. inside its in awsome shape ... just in time too i need something pretty bad.. my current rear end is on its last leg.. its still holding up but I changed the oil in it and there was all sorts of metal chunky goodness comming out of it. I am going to use this new rear end temporarily until I find an r200. Although I hope it holds up for a little while cause I decided I want to pick up an AEM standalone ecu for the sr20 before I drop the cash on a nice r200. Hopefully this will give me the time to find a good deal on a bullet proff r200 instead of getting the first thing that comes around.



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Finally getting around to slapping this thing in ... Im on the hunt for something permanent .. was going to hold out but my heavy foot and some parking lot fun did a number on the diff that was in there. I just hope I can get it back together before the weekend.. dont want to miss the Lathrop swap meet.. maybe ill get lucky and someone will be selling a baddazz r180 or r200...




My super cramped work space :fu:



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Yeaaahhhhh ... got another new diff waiting to go in just got it back from Rearend Specialties here in San Jose had them check it all out and check the breakaway they said it looks as if its brand new!! they said perfect test results across the board. the guy figured it had to have had less than 1000 miles on it.


Its a


4.11 R180 NISMO LSD






more to come .. going to wait to put in in as im slotting the rear crossmember and widening the exhaust hole to fit 3" exhaust.. if anyone local is interested in an open r180 I got a couple extras now ... one in great condition and one ... well .. not so great ..

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