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installing some tokiko blues on stock struts??


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so i bought a pair of tokico blues from a guy down here in san diego. i was told they would fit on the stock 510 strut. when i went to put themon i found out they were smaller than the original ones. i could put sometype of spacer to make them work but im not shur if i should place the spacer in the bottom of the shock or at the top of the shock. im trying to see witch way is better for my cut springs. i also bought a pair of old school camber plates. im thinking that the camber plates are missing something. when i put the nut on top of the camber plate to hold the shock theres nothing that holds the the shock in place. in other words when i try to tighten the nut the shock moves with it. SI850345.jpgSI850346.jpgSI850347.jpg

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put the spacers on the top that will give you the most travel b4 the strut can bottom out if your going through all that trouble you should buy some coilovers and shorten the strut housing so you wont need spacers, also you might have to use a impact gun to get them tight with a wrench they will just want to spin

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Those are Countour Camber plates.


yes use a spacer for the strut cartridge(soem steel big washers till it raises the shock till the Cap fit nice and tite to keep the strut cart from bouncing up/down. This is common pratice as Tokico and most other manufactures dont make a long strut cartridge any more. Gabrial was about the last to have them around here.

Most people cut the strut to fit a 280zx cartridge so it lower the car and you dont need to cut the spring as much so you have more travel.


I assume by putting the Countour Camber plates the car lowere about 1/2 inch cause the stock strut Hat had a rubber spacers or something in there.


Does the car turn ok?? Is it EZ to turn? I know they use some funly plastic bearing or soemthing like that.

Let me know

Thanks Hainz

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well not shure what it could be. doesn't the stock rubber that goes on top of the spring have a bearing so that the struts could turn when you turn the wheel? i was thinking that since i didn't put one on with that camber plate. when i turn the wheel the top part stays still and the bottom part moves and thats ware my noise was coming from??

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