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What to do with an old engine?

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Do you take them to the yard? The recycling place? Tear it down and sell the pieces on e-bay? I'm taking the engine and tranny out of the Z tis weekend, but dont know what to do with it after that. Coffee table?

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Scrap yard, but you'll have to haul it there. List it on this, and other Datsun forums with a complete description of parts and lots of pictures. Sell for a nominal amount. If you say for free then it has no value and you will get people who will want it but because it's worthless, they will probably not care enough to show up and this wastes your time. Someone out there will think they are getting a great 'deal' when they get a parts block for $50 and a tranny thrown in and think this is too good to pass up.

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Rowing through them isn't enough. Some are pretty sloppy and you don't want someone whining "where's 5th".


Here is a Z 4spd. Look just forward of the shifter on top of the tail stock. If it's a 4spd there will be a small rectangular cover plate with 6 bolts holding it on. The cover plate will also have a breather cap on it.



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It's pretty safe to assume the l28 isn't f54. I can see someone swapping the f54 from a zx into a z but not with the 4 speed.


Never hurts to ask though anything is possible.

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