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Trans Swap


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20R is a Toyota motor


Do you mean L20??????????


Dont waist your time putting a Auto in there. Learn to drive a stick.

Automatics are hard to find parts for cause most people just dump the stuff.

You need the adpater on crank and the flexplate and lines to cool off the trans fluid ext...... EZer to find a Automatic truck by the time its all said and done.

Save yourself the grief.




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If the 4spd is busted the '77-'79 620 and '80 720 truck had a 5spd option that will fit right in with no changes. Another source is the '77-'83 280z/zx (non turbo) and '78.5-'84 810/Maxima 5spd. If your heart is set on an automatic look for '73-'79 620 and '80 720, '71 and up Z car, (later is better) and the '77-'84 810/Maxima.


These transmissions should fit your 620 but if you are not sure measure their length. The automatic should be about 31.5" long. When you get it also get the flex plate that has the starter ring on it and the torque converter bolts to. It may be sandwiched between two smaller round plates where it bolts to the end of the crank shaft. There will be one on the crank end that may have to be pried off. they look like this:




You may also need a rear trans mount but the 4spd one may work. Get the floor shifter assy from the doner vehicle. Also get the metal coolant lines that go to the rad... they can always be shortened if from a car. Save the speedo cog from your 4spd. in case the speedometer is off with the new tranny. I believe it will fit the automatic and this can be swapped.

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Yes, that's the hot ticket in Australia. Many Datsuns there with 5-speeds are running Toyota boxes: Stronger, cheaper and shifts smoother than the Datsun boxes. But you gotta make a conversion bell or plate and often some machining.


This swap is rare in USA because Datsun 5-speeds are plentiful in USA.

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