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intake manifold coolant???


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my SU's had that, its just to warm up the mani when its really really cold outside, just like coolant lines that go threw a throttle body.


personally I blocked off the ones for my old SU's and shaved the water passages off my throttle body since it dosent really get cold enough here to need them

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The warmed water actually flows from the head out through the runners and down to the lower rad hose. I would cut the hose somewhere handy and place a suitable bolt in each end and clamp it to shut off flow. This way it can be put back into operation in cold weather or if you notice mileage and drive ability suffering. Datsun did this for a good reason. The water passage also helps keep the manifold 'cooler' on hot days with the exhaust manifold so close beside it. Think about it.

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Yes, for maximum fuel economy, you'll want to leave it stock. The carburetor is jetted for a very specific manifold temperature and will run alternately slightly rich or slightly lean if you don't run the coolant throught it.


But you won't notice much if any problem if you block the line.

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