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    Vancouver Island
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    '76 710. prevoius... '78 620, '71 521, '68 510, new '76 B-210 '74 710 sedan
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    Datsuns, disinterested in f/b, tweets, texting, i phones, TV, EFI and Nissan after '96
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    I help others get and keep their Datsuns on the road. If Ratsun was a Datsun I'd be the grease

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  1. In the last month I've walked 250k/155 miles or 5.5 miles a day. Six days I had to cut it short to 3 miles, 4 were 8.5 and the rest were 5 to 7 miles. It's like sex in that the more you do it the more you want. 





    In almost 29 years I have never seen two mornings the same. The tide and waves alone are finitely different.



    1. colourbox
    2. bananahamuck


      I on the other hand ,, figured out how to use phone to change channels on TV so I don’t even have to get up and find tv remote 

    3. colourbox
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