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  1. 720_potter


    ight, thanks I just wanted to have the correct one to make sure those were suppose to be plugged up on the intake side. ight, it just seemed a little bit weird since it was plugged up on one side
  2. 720_potter


    ight, so what head gasket fits this right cause I don't see one that fits this correctly
  3. 720_potter


    just like on the side of your block mine says a z24 and then another # like that
  4. 720_potter


    it is a z24 2.4 liter and that piece is gone since the owner before me ripped a bunch of important info out
  5. 720_potter


    so ive been doing a bit of research and also puloled my engine apart today and noticed the owner before me had done headgasket replacement, but the problem is that it blocked the intake side of coolant flow. looked aroud for a new one and they do the same thing. so now im the question of wtf actually goes on here to let everything flow like it is suppose to cause the ones I see are https://www.partsgeek.com/1tb7lgn-nissan-720-head-gasket.html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=ff&utm_content=MP&utm_campaign=PartsGeek+Bing&gb=pp&utm_term=1983-1986+nissan+720+head+gasket+apex+83-86+nissan+head+gasket&ad=11620898113 and those are blocking the intake ports. on the other hand these https://www.partsgeek.com/hydyklp-nissan-720-head-gasket.html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=ff&utm_content=MP&utm_campaign=PartsGeek+Bing&gb=pp&utm_term=1980+nissan+720+head+gasket+felpro+80+nissan+head+gasket&ad=11620898113 don't block the intake coolant side. which one is suppose to go on?
  6. 720_potter

    Ka24e swap?

    Ight I'll look into that as well, thanks again
  7. 720_potter

    Ka24e swap?

    Thanks 😊 that helps a lot
  8. 720_potter

    Ka24e swap?

    ight ill look into it thanks.
  9. 720_potter

    Ka24e swap?

    so I know in the past I asked about a de swap, but instead for now I just want another reliable engine for the future. I just wanted to know how simple it is to swap a Napz to a ka24e engine out of a d21 hardbody. and how easy would it be to swap it into my automatic transmission? Thanks, Cameron P.
  10. 720_potter

    Camper/shell for the 720s

    You mind sending any photos to my number 4703886143
  11. 720_potter

    Camper/shell for the 720s

  12. 720_potter

    Camper/shell for the 720s

    Thanks, you mind sending any photos to me 4703886143
  13. 720_potter

    Camper/shell for the 720s

    so ive heard from other people that a d21 shell could fit a 720 bed? is this true? Any info would be great Thanks
  14. 720_potter

    How to: KA24DE swap into 720

    bro, ive been looking for someone to look off of for this engine since I wanted to do the same thing but everyone told me to do a ka24e swap from the hardbody truck. im so excited now to start my build seeing that you did it, and it inspires me to do it more now.
  15. 720_potter

    720 engine swap


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