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  1. Also how much psi is a needed/ max for the efi and also is the can am box the custom one made by James Boswell coachwerks?
  2. That's it? I jist thought there'd be more than that๐Ÿ˜… appreciate it
  3. Igh, found a ka24e 240sx engine. Besides the ecu or ecm, what other electronics do I need to get the engine to run right?
  4. alrighty thanks for all the help!!!
  5. gotcha it clicked in my head now. what about the crank girdle, are you able to take that from the 240sx ka and put it in the ka truck engine? sorry for all the questions trying to build one so i need all i can get before i buy anything to build it.
  6. I also read that but didn't know if it was inter changeable for the truck engine or if you could put it in the truck ka. Could you?
  7. I get the the starter part along with the oil pan and pick up, so I could use 240sx rods and pistons on the truck ka but not the other way around. And the back of the 240 ka has the basic plate from the truck ka jist built into the block?
  8. So I've been looking around and ofc the differences between the 240s and hardbodys are the essentials like engine mounts,wiring harness,ecu, etc. But what is truly the difference besides the throttle body and exhaust manifold. I saw that the cams are different and the pistons were different and that the 240s came with a girdle. What else is different? Thanks for any info.
  9. Idk then all I know is when I got it was a auto and it sounds like its got 4 gears, maybe its 3 idk its just really small gears and the rpms stay above 3k so it definitely doesn't have 5 gears
  10. On a 240sx engine? They look similar so I thought they'd work.
  11. So I recently snapped the crank in my 84 nissan 720 and want to put a better engine in it. I Was wondering if the ka24e out of the 240sx would bolt up directly to the belhousing of the 4 speed automatic transmission i have in there already. Thanks for any help.
  12. 720_potter

    720 shell?

    Would a nissan frontier shell work for a nissan 720 bed? Just a quick question. Looking for one to put on my truck.
  13. understandable, also another question from you since I see you all around the page. what brand bearings would be best for the z24 build since ive heard allot about different brands being worse than others.
  14. we thought that too but its got two coils from the eco thing they did where it burns the exhaust fumes on the way out so it has 8 spark plug instead of the regular 4, that was our only problem running into
  15. I thought about that too ๐Ÿ˜„ I was just wondering if anyone has done it or not
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