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  1. Forgot to air them up >.< I probably was at 35 on a tire with max of 50, but the rims aren't as wide as the tire so they kind of bulge out over a little bit. Also I was about same height as with 800lbs. Not far off the bump stops either. The bed right behind the wheel opening was about 5 inches off the ground, maybe just shy of 5. Afterwards, I was about 9, 9.5 inches. Brakes? What brakes? My booster is bypassed. Hell I don't even know what the pads look like. Yeah, it was a bit scary 😳
  2. I just loaded up 1300lbs (mostly dirt) and took it 5 miles down the road to the dump. It did pretty well. Takeoff was a bit shakey if I didn't give it enough gas but I'm not used to that weight. I was 3960 in, 2660 out. It just cruised through town like it was on a Sunday drive.
  3. A guy named Rick


    Looked at the tag. I have HF37
  4. A guy named Rick


    Yup I keep forgetting to do that. I'll look after work in a bit. I think it's 38
  5. A guy named Rick


    Yup. Probably a little down on compression too, or at least a little leakage past the rings for sure. Only 130,000 miles, but I think the previous owners (most likely original owner) didn't treat it right. I don't think 10 seconds is insane. Gearing plays a factor. I have no clue what my rear ratio is. I wouldn't be surprised if it were 3.90ish. I also have i believe 205/55/R16's or 215/55/R16's.
  6. I know this post was a year ago lol. But yeah, I was having same problem here in Northern California. If you aren't first, you're last when it comes to the 720's. Hell, sometimes there are picked clean when they get to pick n pull.
  7. A guy named Rick


    All my piping is stock including original cat, which passed smog so it should be in good shape. The only thing is the muffler was replaced. I had hacked the exhaust off when doing the clutch because I couldn't unbolt and remove to get the transmission out. It was my understanding, and looked that way too, that the exhaust is in the way of removing the transmission (though I got it out alright the second time i removed the transmission when the retaining clip came loose for the throwout bearing 🤔) I had it welded back and told them "give me a muffler with some sound to it". well, idk what they gave me, but it doesn't give it much sound over stock. I would say it is also a larger than stock muffler.
  8. A guy named Rick


    Especially for mine not being 100%. Would have been a little stoked if it was in the 9's on 0-60. Hell, i think I was only running mechanical advance at that time before realizing I had the outer hard vacuum lines crossed, so there was no vacuum to the distributor advance. May have worked in my benefit or balanced out because I was running higher timing at idle. I noticed more torque at lower rpms after fixing the vacuum advance.
  9. A guy named Rick


    my best 0-60 was 10.2, about 17.5 1/4 mile @ 76 mph. All stock, weber 32/36, 2wd, 2.4 napz. 5-speed. I launched it too (idk how many rpm), and let off the gas a fraction of a second after clutching in to gaim some rpm before shifting up to help it lurch forward on the next gear. But yes these are not performance vehicles lol. i just wanted to see what it was capable of.
  10. Yes. I currently don't have it connected and just capped off. No popping in the exhaust. Possibly (most likely definitely) a little oil consumption
  11. Ok. I'll eventuallly rebuild. hopefully before it blows up. The noise i was hearing, what i thought was a pinging, is in fact engine pinging >.< it doesn't do it when cold. And it's new. It's because i had messed with the float level a little. i had noticed somehow some fuel was getting onto the rubber vacuum caps on this piece in the pic that is screwed into the intake with 2 smaller ports on it: I thought maybe the float level was too high, so i adjusted. what prompted me to do this? well, one day after work getting into the truck, it idled horrible. i was lucky to get it home. i found out the large cap on that piece was cracked, upon closer inspection it had fuel on it, and same with the smaller one on the lower side. I'm going to put it back, recheck the idle speed and mixture, also timing. I'm thinking now that i lowered the float level, i'm lean, so the pinging is a lean issue.
  12. Is it even worth it? only plus i can see is maybe a shorter throw (it seemed like the throw was shorter on the 280z trans).
  13. So from my understanding the 280z transmission is longer right?
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