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  1. Got mine Friday (Pfizer), only felt like a tetanus shot. Barely any pain next day.
  2. i know this is for a 710 wago, but i saw KYB mentioned. i just did the KYB Gas-A-Just shocks from Rockauto on the rear of my 720 truck. i have yet to drive it more than just down the road to see how it drives with them. i can tell it sits a bit higher (probably stock ride height) than the old shocks on it, especially because the old shocks i could compress by probably placing a beer on it. they really didn't do much of anything.
  3. Time Left: 9 days and 22 hours

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    Looking for a rear bumper AND brackets for front and rear bumpers in good shape. Anywhere in the US. surprisingly it is very difficult finding rear bumper and brackets compared to the front. i guess nobody cares about the rear haha


    - US

  4. I second that. If i pass, I'll post mine too. See who's cleaner haha. I do wonder if all that water i was getting in the cylinders before doing the intake gasket maybe steam cleaned the engine and catalytic convertor. it was just water... and rust
  5. A guy named Rick

    Z24 Heads

    Wouldn't increasing the compression of the Z24 engine increase the chance of head gasket failure on an engine already prone for head gasket failure? just my 2 cents
  6. Congrats on passing! where you at in California? i'm about to go get a smog done next week or the week after. fingers crossed, i'm hoping it passes. do yourself a favor and put the Weber on like i'm going to after it passes. just keep all the old stuff to swap back over. makes for a fun weekend switching stuff back and forth haha. Hoping i can pass with the Sentra mixture solenoid i found out that i have. Also when whoever repaced that solenoid on that carburetor, someone had the bright idea to drill it out, leaving a hole above it creating a lean issue. i have a rubber vacuum cap
  7. Damn, nevermind. Get this: the 2 ground wires screwed under the carburetor,one is stripped and twisted with the positive wire. I undid them before testing, put them back how I found them and now I have voltage. Interesting. So that was a patch for a bad ground somewhere else. Now I am stumped why I decided to not want to idle properly when I had it running beautifully.
  8. Haven't had time to work on it until today. So here's what's going on... The red and black wires to the anti diesel solenoid are exposing the wires in a small spot. It still tests 30 ohms and also clicks when testing it with gator test clips. When messing with the tps (before posting this asking for help), I touched the screwdriver to the wire accidentally and it sparked. It was after this, adjusting tps, and setting timing, that everything completely changed. Leading me today to test voltage to the wires on the vehicle side of the 6-wire plug and finding i have no vo
  9. Just some info for those that haven't seen my other posts, I rebuilt the carburetor. It's off a 1984 720 pickup. They were running a mc solenoid from a 1.6L nissan sentra. Shouldn't be much of an issue. Finally got rid of air leak around the stud bolts, since I had no washer under the nuts and the studs were a little too short, so the misfiring went away with that. Was idling pretty nice and great throttle response, barely any stutter at all. As soon as I messed with the switch, and set timing again, that's when he'll broke loose. Sputter when hitting the gas, revved it a little, t
  10. I searched, can't find adjustment procedure for throttle position switch on a 720. Just want to make sure I have it adjusted right. I had the truck running great, still can't drive it because smog and back registration fees. But, I messed with the timing and the throttle position switch, started it back up and revved it a bit, then coming back down in idle it started surging, like about to die out. Finally it died. Idk wtf is going on. BTW, bottom radiator hose is always cold to the touch. Top one gets hot though.
  11. She runs!! Best it's ever ran honestly
  12. I mean who knows, maybe it'll work in my favor where it's drivable, but lean, and helps me pass smog 😄
  13. Alright. I'll let you know how it goes. BTW, for reasons unknown, it looks like the part above it was drilled out... in the pic, the top one is mine, the bottom one is the one I bought. You can see the hole I'm talking about. Also, since mine is an 86, the MC solenoid is taller with the 2 holes vs 84-85. I think between the sentra and the 720 solenoids, it just looks like the angle of the hole at the top. Might be why they drilled the top out.
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