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  1. Ok, ill try the imgur thing but i'm doing this from my phone so hopefully it works.
  2. Still debating where I want to go with this project. Just cali style lowered, rally, or offroad.
  3. Hey guys, I got this 78 KC a month or so ago, I'll be posting stuff random about it. Just little things I do or find out that's cool and in case someone new like me who gets one and has the same issues. They have a thread to go to. I'm 17 in H.S. and my my dad had a 620( who's dad didnt) back in high school so now we are going to make a badass truck together.
  4. Right!?! Where's the DriFt MiSsiLe? Oh well... guess I'll just have to do itπŸ˜‰
  5. Dang guys what happened πŸ˜•
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