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  1. I like Tanker's extensions, yes the welds need to be cleaned up, but I like the shape. Tanker if your getting rid of the side markers I could use a right rear.
  2. Hey! Hey! wait a minute. I would be intersted in the metal part. I like the ABS like Matt has.
  3. Steve240z

    My 521

    Hi EJ Truck looks great. Really like the front Spoiler, what is it? or what is it from?
  4. Steve240z

    My 1971 521

    Ray Do have any pictures with the cover on the truck? Thanks
  5. Can you still get a rear sliding window for a 521?
  6. Truck looks great! The rack looks like a "Barrecrafters" might be wonky, or not vintage, but for sure it is period correct. They looked just like that in the 70's :thumbup:
  7. Hey have some faith in our fellow humans! I am the one buyer so far. These were ordered August 30th and were received today. (September 2nd) They look great! Can not confirm fit and will not be installing for awhile. But his pictures look good. This person went out on limb for our community to provide these. Be thankful. Great Service and Thanks Accordfreak.
  8. Steve240z

    71 521 something

    Thanks for the info, that helps a lot.
  9. Steve240z

    71 521 something

    Really like the carpet, looks very well done. Wondering if you could give us some details? What type of carpet from Home Depot? How many pieces? Did you have to do any sewing? Thanks
  10. Wondering why I have to sign in every time when I check the "Rember me box"?

    1. Stupid_fast


      Stop clearing your cookies.

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