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WTB: L16 flywheel + L20 cam

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Hello! I'm in the process of (slowly) converting an auto 510 to manual, and I'm looking for a L16 flywheel in usable condition. I'm in Sweden so would prefer buying from someone in Europe, if possible.... Also looking for a L20 camshaft. 

- Sweden

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L16 and 18 all use a 5 bolt flywheel that will work. The L20B cam is almost exactly the same as the cam in the L16SSS engine in the 510 coupe.


There will be a 'converter pilot' cap over the end of the automatic crankshaft. This will need to be pulled off before the flywheel will fit on. Also a new pilot bushing needs to be tapped into the end of the crankshaft for the end of the 4 speed to fit into.







Thanks for the info! 👍
Yep, the cam will be used on an A87 peanut head (sourced from a 160J SSS). 


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If the L16 automatic flexplate/flywheel is good, there are ALWAYS people looking to buy them!  A lot of racers use them...........we use the auto flexplate in our vintage race 240Z's with a 5-1/2in QuarterMaster clutch.  If you need an L16 flywheel, hardware, pedal set etc etc I have it all.  What I do for international buyers, is set up a USA eBay listing & you purchase through their Global Shipping Program, which is cheaper shipping costs than me arranging it directly & it is safer through eBay!  PM me if interested!



Denver Colorado



Cool, didn't know the flexplate was used for racing. I'll send you a PM, thx!

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Flexplate is very light weight, but needed for the starter!  Check the welds on the flexplate.......if good, sell it!  If cracked, they can be re-welded carefully,  If cracked & warped, scrap metal! 


PM received!

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