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PPG Concept / Deltron urethane automotive paint

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I like my old cars to look like old cars and think solvent-based single-stage paint helps keep them looking vintage.  I've been liking the PPG Concept line of SS paint.  Excellent in it's day, might have been the best short of Imron or other exotics.  Still excellent SS even if it's largely obsolete.
PPG has been trying to get folks to switch, partly by just making it stupidly expensive (~$75/pt).  Anyway, I've bought a few lots on the secondary market and have pulled out those components which I can use for my projects but I've  debating selling the rest or keeping it around to repaint shelving, machine-tools, etc.  
 Long story not much longer, if you need any let me know and I'll check if I have it.  I can send full quart cans or if you need a particular color I have the microfiche and scale so could mix something up.
For full quarts or if I already have a partial let's say $60/qt which I think makes it not much more than the cheapest of the urethanes and a lot cheaper than the expensive colors like red and yellow. If I have to look up a color and fire up the scale, break out a clean can, etc. let's say another $10 per mix.
One of the cool things about the Concept paint line is the tint is also the base, so you can just mix and match components to get your color without fussing about the base balance.
The mix ratio for Concept is: 4parts paint, 2 parts reducer, 1 part hardener so 2 qts of paint makes close to a gallon RTS.
My experience suggests about 2qts of base will do the exterior of something small like a Datsun 1200 if you are careful.


Not quite comprehensive but here's a list of excess full quarts in front of me:
DMC 904
DMC 907
DMC 906
DMC 909
DMC 919
DMC 923
DMC 924
DMC 925
DMC 926
DMC 927
DMC 928
DMC 932 (2qts)
DMC 933
DMC 934
DMC 935 (2qts)
DMC 981
DMC 982
DMC 985 (gallon)
DMC 986


If a base/clear is more your thing, I also have a pile of PPG Deltron/Deltorn 2000 that I'm happy to part with as well for the same price or even a bit less.


Santa Cruz, California - United States

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