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    Recently took this bad boy off of my '83 720. Has custom storage curtains on both sides, windows and seals all work perfectly. Has 3 keys and all the hardware required. Has a spot for lighting, never used it so not sure if it works properly. $300 oboe, looking to get rid of it asap!


    San Diego, California - US

  2. Passenger side stays on in the front and rear, driver side blinks fine, hazards work perfectly. Anybody know what the most common issue with this could be?
  3. 720Ryder

    CA Smog

    Alright, I'll leave that hose alone then. So, then I should take a look in the Air Injection valve case? I've got several places to look over and evaluate so I'm trying to make a list lol
  4. 720Ryder

    CA Smog

    Oh, wow! Well, that helps a lot. I'll get a pic for you when I can but one thing that comes to mind is that, and I think this is the right part, the hot air duct does not have an actual fitted hose running from the air filter. What's on there looks more like somebody took a piece off of a clothes dryer and made it work. Sits loosely on both ends with no clamps either. Could that be a major reason for running the way it is?
  5. 720Ryder

    CA Smog

    Oh, ok. So, going back to what you said regarding the sensors.. You're saying it could possibly be the MAP sensor &/or the TPS sensor? I've been reading around and seeing that the fuel mix will commonly run rich if either of these is out as well as the EGR valve and the EGR modulator valve. I have no idea of any of these parts have been replaced in recent years so I'm thinking these are most likely the culprits. Per your last reply, I will check on the fuel level in the carb and the choke and get back to you.
  6. 720Ryder

    CA Smog

    Ok, so then I probably need to replace that electrical connector? What's the name of that piece?
  7. 720Ryder

    CA Smog

    Ok, good to know. Yeah, it measured high on CO.. here's a link to that section of my report. https://m.imgur.com/r8agOpr
  8. 720Ryder

    CA Smog

    Hey everybody, New to working on my own cars and I recently purchased an '84 720 from a buddy & have had some issues getting it to pass smog. I've put in a rebuilt Hitachi carb, o2 sensor and coolant temp sensor. Still running rich. Carb shop I contacted suggested that I replace the smog pump, double check the cat & the 'EGR system'. Can't seem to find a smog pump anywhere, nothing really comes up when I search online.. any help or suggestions appreciated!
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