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    I dont know where else to post this since no one seems to have an interest in a carbed VG. Cant get pictures up due to quality but if interested will send them. Basically i got a special bundle for anyone looking for engine and trans swap. i have a short block vg33e that needs to be rebuilt and a running vg33e out of my xterra. it has been converted with a brand new carb, carb intake and distributor i never used because i jumped to another project all together. these all come from Xterras. the transmissions are all good but more than likely need atleast new oil pumps.. id rebuild to be on the safe side. if you have questions or are interested in trans and engines, just carb engine or just carb/distributor/intake setup, let me know and can work out a price. im in VIRGINIA, Richmond area. if you want to work out freight shipping we can give it a whirl.


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