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L20B Camshaft, W58Cylinder Head, an Throttle Body off a 720[Free]

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L20B Camshaft, W58Cylinder Head, an Throttle Body off a 720[Free]

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Hey Y'all,

I have a blown out W58 head with valves but no rocker arms (coolant erosion), an L20B camshaft and a throttle body in unknown condition. If anyone is in the Bay Area and wants em, they're yours!

Images here: https://imgur.com/a/G218ZbY

Take it easy!

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 You really should say what head it is. It's a valid selling point. The head ID is along the bottom right side between the #1 and #2 spark plugs. Maybe W58 with round exhaust ports, if from a 720? Do the rockers come with it? What is 'blown out'? A little erosion around the coolant passages? Nothing that a little JB Weld won't fix.


That is a carburetor not a throttle body.


Cam looks to be an L20B.



All good points, thank you. Its a w58 and it does not come with the rocker arms, just valves. The cam is a l20B.

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That W58 head LOOKS like the 1980 only 720 (L20B) with a peanut chamber............hi compression!  I could be wrong, but that's what I've heard & it sure looks like it!!

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