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    These parts are out of my 1971 Wagon. I have not seen the cluster function, so I cannot guarantee that it is in working condition. Parts will be shipped via UPS ground at buyer's expense. (I have a UPS account so that will save a bit of money) Gauge Cluster: $125 Gauge Cluster Surround: $50 Center Cluster: $75 Ash Tray: $20 Glovebox: $50


    , Georgia

  2. It came! Beyond thrilled. Really high quality parts. Ultra fast shipping too. Off to the junkyard to get a manual MR2 rack!
  3. Just put my order in!! Super excited. Will report back when it arrives. Thanks again for engineering such an amazing part.
  4. Yes, the previous owner said this as well. He gave me a Maxima oil pan + exhaust manifolds, and said if those are put onto a 300zx motor it'll bolt right up. My original plan was to go KA! Those engines are seriously awesome for the money. Thanks so much for all of the awesome info! As long as the 33 uses the same motor mounts as the 30, I will diefinitely go that route. Don't see any reason not to. Thanks again for all the valuable advice B)
  5. Reporting back with pictures! The car is getting a VG30 in it. Already has a flipped crossmemebr and motor mounts in place. Just need to find a 300zx motor + trans. The car definitely needs a ton of work, but I am really looking forward to it all. It also has 280zx front brakes + coilovers on front, which was a pleasant surprise.
  6. After thinking about it, I think I am definitely going to go L20b. It is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you so much for all the info and advice! (Plus.. cammed 4cyls are awesome IMO haha!) If I did paint it, I think I will keep the orange. It really grew on me and is a pretty unique color. Can't wait to see the finished result of your car! Yeah I saw something about running R1 carbs in some videos. Definitely interesting, but more trouble than it's worth for me. Quick update, I am going to buy the car tonight! Will report back with pictures. Beyond thrilled to get it
  7. I know it wouldn't be period correct, but I figured the carbs would just look more appropriate in the car. Easier to just keep the FI though.
  8. I was actually looking on that site last night. I'll definitely be needing a right front fender at some point. Does anyone have any suggestions for engines that are carb'd (or can be converted) that are somewhat cost effective? I really like the idea of running carbs in the car just to keep it a bit more period correct. I know the L20b is one option, but I haven't found any engines for a decent price. I read a KA24DE can be converted to carbs, so I may do that. Thanks again for all the help and advice!
  9. Thanks a bunch! I am actually glad that many were made. Just means more parts available haha. Should be getting it within a couple of days! It is surpsiringly clean considering it has sat for 8 years. Thanks! The owner said he doesn't have a title, but this isn't really an issue in Georgia. Vehicles over a certain age don't require a title here for some reason. Just getting a bill of sale. Once I get it I'll find a local KA24 engine, trans, etc. and buy the motor mounts to swap it in. I am unsure if I want to keep the original paint and everything (since it is kinda cool to hav
  10. So a couple weeks ago I went to a shop with a friend to get his M4 dyno'd. I walked around the back of the shop and stumbled upon 240zs everywhere, but what really caught my eye was this wagon. The owner said the car has been sitting for 8 years, and for $750 it could be mine. I couldn't find a production figure for the wagons, but I have never even seen one in person so I am assuming they are somewhat rare. If I did get it, it'd definitely be getting a KA24, body work + paint, all new suspension components, etc. I tried to get pics of the worst of the rust on the car. Body is dead straight. A
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